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Black Big Dicks Osa Lovely Cumbang I’ve been reading stories about married men getting off on watching their wives with other men and much has been written about white wives with black men. Most of those letters and stories are fictional, but believe me, this delirious escapade I’m involved in is real. After six years of marriage I’m out of favor and after just one night with two young black studs my wife is addicted to black men. I will tell you that watching her with one or several black men is exciting and for the most part we both enjoy it considerably. But sometimes it isn’t so nice and there is always a price to pay. My wife, Charlene, is really into large, hard men. She doesn’t like to admit much about how she really feels, but I know she’s very much in love with the lewdest most obscene parts of her encounters. It frustrates me more when she clams up about her sexual desires, but at the same time, lives the lewd sexual life that she does. It’s not rocket science that women experience a heightened libido as they approach thirty. And the votes are in that women are very much turned on by the size of their partner’s penis, not to mention the size of their muscles. My wife is turned on by all that and more. She has a secret fantasy about being a submissive whore, but will not admit that to me. Two years ago, I would’ve told you that my wife was in no way interested in any extra-marital activities. Charlene is a most unlikely candidate for the life she lives today. Char had always been faithful to me up until just last summer. She’s not prejudice against blacks, but she sure didn’t have much use for them a couple of years ago. I met her in college and we live in a very nice neighborhood. I own a plumbing business and she works part-time in a Florist shop. We do not have any children and I think that maybe that void in her life has led to this sexual addiction. My wife is 5’-5” tall, 130 lbs., a dirty blonde, blue eyes, a clear complexion, and a very attractive figure. She might not be a Miss America, but most men take a good look and especially want to look at her ass after my back is turned. Her black lovers are in total awe and most treat her like a queen, but a few just have to take advantage of her sexual obsession. That’s the price I was talking about. But it seems to be my price – not hers. I can’t tell if she likes it unusually rough or not. Osa Lovely Cumbang cock. Then I remembered hearing about how adult bookstores have video booths and some of them have holes in the wall and guys get their dicks sucked. At the time I did'nt know they were called gloryholes, but I found out that's what they were called. The idea of gloryhole sex really got me hot just thinking about it but I was'nt sure if I had the guts to actually do something like that. And then I figured, sure, why not, I'm already sleeping with complete strangers, a gloryhole is'nt any worse, it does'nt make me a bigger slut than I already am. So, I get all "hottied" up and drive my cute little ass down to the adult bookstore in hopes of satisfying my craving for hot, hard cock. I get there Blacks On Blondes Porn Black Interracial Sex ballooned as he flopped it’s heavy mass down on her frail, naked shoulders and neck. “I think she’s ready for some fucking man,” Shawn suggested as he rubbed his thick cock through her hair, “Let’s take her in the other room and fuck her.” “I know she’s ready for some dick,” Brad stated, “But I’m loving her hot mouth right now. Ohh…yeah baby! Suck it goooood…suck me bitch. Suck on that dick!” Brad held her for several more minutes as she sucked his throbbing penis as best she could. 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I just sat there for several minutes not being able to see anything. I couldn’t decide whether or not to go into the bedroom and watch from that distance. I thought it may be a hindrance to them having someone watching them that close. But as Charlene gasped and groaned with the initial penetration of Brad’s long, hard cock, my curiosity grew. “Oh my God…you’re so bigggggg…,” she gasped, “Oh God. Oh God…Slow…Slow…please take it slow. Ummmmm….ah God! That’s soooo…good!” “Just relax baby. Relax…don’t fight it. That’s it relax,” Brad told her, “You can take it baby. You can take it. That’s it…chill baby…chill. I’m going to give it to you.” “Ahhhh…man! Fuck her Brad,” Shawn offered, “Damn man! Give it to her. Fuck this ho!” The bed began to squeak rhythmically faster in unison with her animalistic wailing. Then she really started to moan aloud Interracial Porn Pics

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Inter Racial Black Pricks just too "scared" to I guess. I hear somebody open and close the booths door next to me on the left and then try my door, but it's locked, and then open the one to the right of me and go inside and shut and lock the door. I hear a deep voice quietly say "anybody in there want to suck some cock?" This is my chance, this is it, I say "I sure do want to suck some cock". The deep voice replies "you sound cute baby, here ya' go, suck on this!" To my surprise, a big black cock jutted through the hole, rock hard and springing at attention. "Oh my god" I thought, "It's fuckin huge". Not only was it my chance to have gloryhole sex, but now it was my chance to have a black cock. Today was my lucky day! White Wife Black Cock Cuckold Creampie or twenty-one years old I’m thirty-one and Char is twenty-eight, but they were more than interested in having sex with Char. They were very personable and confident, and very attracted to Char. And I could tell she was very interested in Brad. He stood about 6’-3, 200 lbs., very muscular and very well-endowed. Char had felt him while they were dancing a slow dance and she could hardly contain herself. I noticed that night a personality swing in her for the first time. Her hunger for this man was sobering. After her fifth Tequila I knew it wouldn’t be long. It was only eight P.M. when she suggested that we all go upstairs to party in our suite. With that announcement there was little left to the imagination of Brad and Shawn. They accepted and we all left the lounge as forty prying eyes watched our departure. Brad took Char by the arm while Shawn and I followed behind. I remember feeling very jealous at that moment when another man took my wife in my presence and knew he could get away with it. I noticed a renewed brashness in him and a sense that it was payback time for whitey. It was a confused feeling of contempt, fear, and sexual excitement. My stomach churned as I had to stand idly by while this strange black kid fondled my wife in the elevator on our way up to the twentieth floor. He completely explored the lush confines of her ass and even pulled her mini-shirt up exposing her sheer, black panties to facilitate his caressing. I was feeling faint by the time the elevator doors opened. Although uncomfortable with his lewd advances, Char did nothing to inhibit him. What was going on in Brad’s mind was that he thought that we had done this before and that we wanted him to be so insidious and bold. Even after we told them that it was our first time, I don’t think they believed us. That isn’t what I was desiring. My only desire at that time was to fulfill my wife’s fantasy, however, this whole thing does entice sexual fantasies, but actually watching your wife be sexually abused takes some getting used to. My being abused was the furthermost thing from my mind at the time. Brad and Shawn had done this before where the turn-on was the white husband being subjugated watching his wife fuck and suck black men and there was nothing he could do about it. Brad and Shawn were doing a good job humiliating me nonetheless. Once in Cuckold Porn Black Sluts steadily with the rhythm I had going between stroking and sucking, he seemed to like it. I could hear him starting to moan and gasp and mutter things under his breath. I knew what was about to happen. I got enough experience to tell when I guy is about to blow a load and this guy was about ready. I'd say only thirty or so more seconds went by and "KAPOW". His cock head pulsed and his long shaft stiffened as warm, thick wads of cum oozed into my mouth, he was definitely an oozer and not a shooter. His semen was heavy laden with tons of sperm, it was almost like toothpaste it was so thick. I started swallowing the ever so sweet treat as more continued to flow almost endlessly from the giant Interacial Clips three black men on their way to their Motel room to party. It’s unbelievable what that man can get her to do. She didn’t get back to our Motel until 2 A.M. the next morning. I was awake pretending to be asleep as she came in. She looked a mess. Her white cotton slacks were torn, her sweater looked to be stretched out of shape, and she had lost her shoes. I peeked as best I could as she undressed. Her brassiere was missing and her panties were ripped. When she stepped into the light of the bathroom, I could see red marks across her back and buttocks. Written on her left buttock with a permanent marker was a label that said: “Black Cock Only.” I noticed some semen still oozing from her anus when she bent over to turn on the shower. I made her tell me about what had happened. She informed me that she partied with Ted and five other black men. She wouldn’t admit that Ted had whipped her with his belt, but I knew that that was the reason for the red welts on her back and buttocks because he’d done that to her before. He likes to take his revenge out on whitey by beating their wives while he’s fucking them. She told me that she experienced twenty-one ejaculations. Each man ejaculated on her, or in her, three times and three men did it four times. She continued that she got ass-fucked nine times and she had three cocks in her on several sessions. Ted is longer than Brad and she bragged that she took him all the way in her ass. I asked her again about the whipping, but she got real solemn and clamed up. It looked to me that she had endured forty to fifty whacks and I tried to tell her that she just didn’t deserve to be treated that way. It tears me apart that she accepts that kind of treatment. Then she complained about her eardrum hurting. She admitted that Ted slapped her upside the head several times when he was fucking her up the ass. Then she thought that maybe it wasn’t Ted who caused it, but maybe it was this older man named Josh who had really beaten her up when she went into his room alone with just him. Ted had told her to be careful around him because he was an ex-con who had been convicted of serial rape, but for some reason Ted and the others left her with Josh. She admitted that he had tied her to the bed and I then assumed he’s the one who whipped her with a belt. But she still wouldn’t say who whipped her. Picture Of Black Dick cock. Then I remembered hearing about how adult bookstores have video booths and some of them have holes in the wall and guys get their dicks sucked. At the time I did'nt know they were called gloryholes, but I found out that's what they were called. The idea of gloryhole sex really got me hot just thinking about it but I was'nt sure if I had the guts to actually do something like that. And then I figured, sure, why not, I'm already sleeping with complete strangers, a gloryhole is'nt any worse, it does'nt make me a bigger slut than I already am. So, I get all "hottied" up and drive my cute little ass down to the adult bookstore in hopes of satisfying my craving for hot, hard cock. I get there Osa Lovely Cumbang when Brad shoved his mammoth penis all the way in. Up to that point she had never had a cock no where near the size of Brad’s. She told me later that he was bottoming out as his thick bulbous cockknob slammed into her womb. She had her first orgasm within minutes of his initial penetration and it lasted a minute or more. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I had to see this incessant impaling. I peeked around the corner and saw her legs flailing above his head as he pounded her tight white pussy with his huge black penis. Her ass was coming off the mattress completely as he relentlessly drove in and out of her stretched-out labia. I could see her juices pooling up around his thick girth in a white froth. Shawn was sucking on her large tits all bunched up into her neck and face as he stroked himself slowly. It was intense and it was very erotic. Brad continued to talk in obscenities to her telling her to fuck on his big dick and to cum on his dick and to go with it. He was huge towering over her pale, petite torso writhing and undulating beneath his perspiring black, muscular fuck machine. I mean he was fucking her senseless in a constant gyrating manner that lasted for more than twenty minutes and three orgasms for her. When he knew he was about to explode he let her legs drop down to his sides and he began to hump her faster and deeper. He looked back between his and her nakedness and saw me peeking into the room. He positioned his legs above hers to straddle her stomach and after a minute of that he pulled out and moved up to straddle her heaving chest. He took hold of his slick penis and began to jerk off all over her face, chest, and neck. Thick gobs of his semen began to cover her mouth, chin, and nose. He raised up and grabbed her head with his left hand to ensure that he deposited all of his semen on or near her face. Small globules flew in the air and speckled her hair. He squeezed another huge load out and dribbled it right down on her tongue that strained to accept his salty seed. He stood up and continued to drip his thick semen down onto her nudity that lay in a perspiring heap. Shawn moved right into position as Brad stepped off the bed. Charlene, almost overwhelmed with Brad’s orgasmic eruption, willingly received Shawn’s penetration. She immediately began to urge him to fuck her hard and deep as she undulated underneath
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