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Black Tight Pussies Osa Lovely Cumbang Mike and Ali walked to the end of the parking area. "What are they looking at?" she asked. A tour bus of Americans had pulled up and a bunch of seniors were snapping pictures. "Oh my god! Is that guy nude?" "This is St Martin's famous nude beach." "You don't expect me to take my clothes off do you?" "Why not? Jack's the only one we know on this island and he doesn't know we're here." "Mike!" "Look, you're the hottest woman here." Mike surveyed the beach, which wasn't all that crowded. The sunbathers weren't all that attractive, mostly fat European types. Mike felt pretty good about himself when he saw most of the men were hairy and fat with little, dangling, penises not much bigger then his own, which still hadn't grown past it's limp two inches since getting to the island. The dicks that were an inch or two longer then his, were hidden in the shadows under big beer bellys. "Quit staring." "Sorry," said Mike. He'd been distracted by a completely naked, attractive woman walking by. She had two nude, small children and spoke French. The woman was entirely at ease being nude out in public. "Not here," said Ali, as Mike threw his towel down in the sand. "Lets move away from the parking area and I'll consider going topless. I don't want any tourists taking pictures of me. Would you stop?" Ali was perturbed at Mike for he'd just tried to snap a surreptious picture of the nude woman with the kids. "Sorry," he said, again putting the camera away. He wanted something interesting to show the guys at the office. They moved farther down the beach to where they were practically alone. Ali pulled her shirt off and stepped out of her shorts. She's was clad in the same bikini she'd shaved her crotch for. Mike pulled off his tee shirt and immediately started lathering sun block into his red skin. "Hey, Mike," she said. Mike looked up and his eyes bugged out as his wife's bare tits were exposed. She tossed the top asside. He'd noticed her nipples were rock hard as they had been this entire trip. "Wow!" He felt guilty for even glancing at the other woman, his wife was so gorgeous. Her body was so perfect, he wondered why he had absolutely no desire to make love to her over the last three days. "Glad you approve. I'm gonna go sit in the water a moment." Mike sat on his towel making sure he'd protected every inch of his exposed skin with block. Ali's skin for some reason rarely burnt, but turned tan quickly. She was noticably darker already and they'd only been to the beach one day. He pulled his camera out of his bag and covered it with his tee shirt. He snapped a shot of her bare back and practically bare ass in the g-string bottoms. She waded out in the water and squatted to cool off. He snapped a couple more pictures of her standing and heading back to him. He hoped to slip some of these "accidentaly" into his vacation pictures when he showed Mr Gilbert and the rest of his coworkers what he did on vacation. "Ali, you're practically nude as is. Why don't you take off the rest?" "I will, if you will,' she said after looking around and seeing they were alone down at this end. Mike laid back and lifted his hips to pull his shorts off. His wife seemed surprised, but kept her promise and untied the sides of her panites and pulled them off. Mike took a quick picture when she wasn't looking and hid the camera under his shirt. "This is weird," she said coming up to him. "But not that bad. I feel free like this." Ali posed seductively. "Do you like seeing your wife naked in the outdoors for anyone to see?" "Oh god, no," said Mike. Ali quit posing at his rude comment, Osa Lovely Cumbang is an artist, so he hangs out in the art building. In the basement, there's a bathroom that has a glory hole. How do I know this? How do I know about Glory Holes? My boyfriend taught me. He would complain at first, cause when he had to take a dump at school, he was worried that the fags would peek in on him. Then, when he found out they were for getting your dick sucked, he had an idea. To make me suck him through the hole. "Yea, right," I said. "That's so fucked up. Why would you want me to do that?" Of course, in my mind, I was actually kind of intrigued by sucking him off in a place we might get caught. "Whatever baby...forget I even mentioned it." And, for a while, I did...until late one night, when he was in the lab in the basement, processing his photographs. (He takes great pictures, and you should see the nudes he took of me....all in good taste, of course.) It had been a long night, and his project, which made up 50% of his grade, was due at 8:40 the following morning. Things weren't going well, and I could tell how frustrated he was. I felt bad for him...and decided, right then and there, to make him feel better. I didn't Mandingo Size Delilah Strong Mandingo my cock scares you. You're afraid to touch it, just like all the other women who've seen it." Ali reached out and grasped the end. It felt so weird in her hand. Mike's penis was completely engulfed by her hand, but just the head of Jack's practically filled her palm. She squeezed it and the thing was as hard and unyeilding as a baseball bat. She felt a thrill of excitement run down her spine when Jack groaned. "It's not scary, Jack." Ali let her hand run down the shaft almost lovingly. "Then what is it?" "It's amazing." Ali was barely aware the black man was even present, there was just his voice in her head and his huge cock in her hand. "Please don't tease me." "I'm not. I think it's incredible." "Your hand feels so good on my cock. Stroke it for me." Ali grasped it and ran her hand back up to the tip which was quite sticky. "Oops, it went off," she said though his cock remained hard as steel. "Ha, ha, ha," Jack laughed so loud, the people below him must of heard. "That's just precum." "But there's so much?" "It takes a lot to coat that monster." "Yes, I guess it would, wouldn't it?" "Coat your hands with it." The precum quickly covered her fingers and palm. Soon Ali was stroking his hard black cock. Jesus! What was she thinking? She was giving a hand job to a massively hung black man and business rival of her husband's. "I shouldn't be doing this," she said, but instead of stopping she brought her other hand up to grab the base. "Please, you don't know how bad I need this." Jack backed up and sat down, spreading his legs. His huge balls were splayed out on the chair. "Finish me off on your knees." Ali should have been offended that he was starting to order her around, but her body slipped off the chair and she crawled over between Jack's legs almost eager to take his cock back in her hands. She started stroking it again, faster this time. Jack relaxed and rather rudely, she thought, picked his cigar back up and started puffing on it. Still, she didn't quit. It was as if she had no choice in the matter. She cared about nothing at that moment then getting the big black thirteen inch cock off. She wouldn't stop if Mike came into the room. She wouldn't stop if Jesus' second coming started. There was only one cumming that could make her stop. Ali stared somewhat wild-eyed at her tired hands rising and falling along his shaft, which seemed bigger then it had just minutes ago. "Come on," she whispered thinking his cock might outlast her strength. "Cum for me, baby." The fat cock spasmed in her hand and Ali's eyes followed a long stream of cum up and over the railing. It jerked again and another strand flew up and off the balcony. The third wad had less force and hit her in the forehead. Ali closed her eyes as her face was bombarded by hot wads of sperm. "I just felt a drop of rain," said a voice below them on the ground. "My god! I've never seen that much cum. It's more then Mikey's shot off our entire marriage." She closed her mouth to stop sperm from sliding into it. The smell was in her nose and it smelled good. "You can use the bathroom in my room to clean up," said Jack. Ali felt a little dazed as she walked, mouth held tightly closed into his bathroom. The sperm covered face staring back at her in the mirror could have belonged to a slutty porn star. She wiped the area around her mouth and then spent fifteen minutes trying to get every little bit off her face. When she left the bathroom, Jack was lying nude on the bed, his cock still big, plump, and twice her husband's size. It fell across his thigh. "Thanks Ali," said Jack. "I've Mandingo 5

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Blacks On Blondes Blog Black Cock Vid happened next. Sam, my boyfriend's best friend I mentioned earlier in the story, walked in. They're both photography majors, and they're both in that same class with the project due. The first thing I did was gasp. I covered my mouth, quietly put my feet up under me on the toilet so no one could see me under the stall, and sat there, silent. When I covered my mouth I could feel some of the jizz that I missed, so I slowly pulled a piece of toilet paper off the roll and wiped my chin. There was more cum than I thought..it must have dripped a bit down my chin. They talked, then, they were silent for a bit. Whispers. Then, my boyfriend said, "Spring, Sam's a bit stressed too. Why not help him out?" "You fuckers!" I said. "I knew it! I'm outta here!" I stood to walk out, and there, in the hole, was Sam's cock. I would never tell my boyfriend this, but Sam has a beautiful cock. It's much longer and thicker than his, and, to be honest with you, it looks strong. You know what I mean? It's full of veins and when it's hard, it's very fucking thick. And there is was, almost winking at me...Sam's long, thick cock. He even made it dance up and Avy Scott Mandingo Interracial Pic was never much into sports," said Mike. "Nonsense! Come on." Jack grabbed his little football and stood over Mike who got up just to get away from the eleven inch cock dangling down at his face. They threw it back and forth, Jack going easy on the throws. Mike felt a little pleased with himself for catching so many tosses. "Hey Ali," yelled Jack running up to Mike. "Why don't you get a picture of me and my little buddy here?" Jack threw his arm around Mike and held him tight. Ali picked up the camera and took a picture. Mike had a look of pure disgust on his face from where his bare skin was touching the black man's sweaty body. "Wait, let me get another." This time she moved the camera down a little, then a little more, and some more turning it sideways, until she thought Jack's entire penis would be in the picture. Mike really did look like a little boy next to Jack. His penis was so small right now you couldn't even make it out. "Got it," she said snapping the picture. "How about one of me and Ali?" said Jack. "Maybe, latter when I put my bikini back on." "Alright then. Why don't you join us. Throw the football to Mikey and I'll try to intercept it." Jack let them complete some passes. Mike threw the football back to Ali. "Go long," she waved." Jack and Mike started running. Mike was watching the ball sail far away out of his reach, a bad throw from his wife when he heard a growl. Jack tackled the unsuspecting man and fell on top of him. The wind rushed from Mike's lungs and Jack's huge cock pushed into his side. "Sorry buddy, couldn't move in time," said Jack. "You ok, honey?" asked Ali running up to him, her large breast bouncing. Jack stood and pulled a still stunned Mike to his feet. He looked pitiful, his red burnt skin sweaty and covered with sand. Mike thought of that monster penis touching him and shivered in disgust. "I'm gonna wash this sand off." "Me too," said Jack whose body had a little sand on it to. The two waded into the clear blue water and splashed the sand off themselves. Ali came up to the water's edge and tossed Mike his sun block. "Don't forget to coat yourself." Mike cleared off the sand and applied the sun block to his sunken chest, arms and legs. "Can I use that?" asked Jack. Mike finished and tossed him the bottle, not asking why a black man wanted sun block. Jack caught it and turned around. He started coating his chest and working his way down... "Ready to go?" asked Ali tying her bottoms on. "Yeah, I've had all I can take from Jack," said Mike. Ali was staring past him this time. Mike turned. Jack's Mr Universe body glistened like he was in a body building contest as did his cock which was rock hard, almost sticking straight out except it was angled up a little. Neither of the Boyer's had ever imagined a man's penis could be so big. "Jesus, Jack," said Mike, openly staring at it. The big cock made him acutely conscious of his own inferiority to the black man. "H-how big is that thing anyway?" asked Ali. "Thirteen," said Jack. "Sorry, but when it gets like this, it takes a long time to go down." "I didn't know penises that size existed." "This aint no penis, Ali. This is a black cock and I've known some brothers who are bigger." "Bigger! Are all black cocks big?" Not just it's size, but it's hardness amazed her. Mike never got that hard. Her pussy suddenly let out a little squirt of lubrication. Here was a cock hard and ready for action, albeit one too big for any woman to handle. "I'm bigger then average, but yes black cocks are bigger." "You want to catch a taxi back with us?" she asked breaking Violet Blue Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Husbands the second blast, much bigger than the first, hit me square in the face. It had such force behind it that his cum literally splattered all over me. The third and fourth stream were just as bad. I knew one landed right in my hair, and another went up my nose! I started to laugh. He kept cumming! I swear that boy was good for at least 8 or 10 thick wads, and landing on my face, hair, and chest. I was wearing a black t-shirt too, so there was no hiding the fact that I was covered in cum. It was really better than any porno I've ever watched, and trust me, with my Boyfriend The Perv, I've had to sit through plenty of those. After the grunting and cumming ended, something really and truly bad happened. The door opened again, and it was the night janitor. He said "Anyone in here?" and my boyfriend said, "Um yea." "Ok then, let me know when you're done. I gotta prop the door open here and mop the floors." Then, he walked away. I could hear Sam zip up and then flush the toilet. He got out of there as fast as he could. There was a lot of shuffling of feet, and some mumbling. I was back up on the toilet, wiping the cum off me as Interracial Porn Pictures on her clit with an index finger in each hole. He quit sucking long enough to say, "You like having my finger up your ass while I eat your pussy, don't cha?" "Yes," she whispered feeling slutty for admitting it. "Think how good it would feel to have my finger in your ass with a big hard cock fucking you from behind." "Oh god yeessss," she screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins. She held his cock up while she buried her face in his pubic hair, sniffing deeply as she recovered. "Oh god, thank you, thank you," she cried kissing his cock again. Ali started sucking it, glad to reward the man who had given her so much pleasure. She had never done this before and quickly choked on the large apendage. Determined to give Jack as much pleasure as he was giving her, she relaxed her throat and forced his cock head down her throat while kneading his balls with one hand. Jack licked up and down her slit, pausing long enough to say. "You got a body built for black cock. I'm surprised you even feel little Mikey at all. I bet you could even handle a little of that big black monster you're sucking on." Ali moaned, picturing herself kneeling on the bed with Jack hammering his powerful cock into her pussy while working his finger in and out of her ass. Ali orgasmed again, choking around his cock. Jack slowly pulled his finger out of her ass and quit eatting her pussy entirely. He relaxed on the bed, his cock thrusting into her throat as he slightly bucked his hips. Ali finally gave up trying to get more then half of it down her throat. She used her free hand to jerk the rest off. "Suck that black cock," said Jack. "You white sluts sure go crazy for a man-sized dick." Jack was being rude, but his words made her feel trashy and at that moment she did feel slutty. Ali tried hader to make him cum. Even now his cock seemed bigger and his thrusts were getting harder. Surely, he would warn her before he came so she wouldn't swallow it? It jumped in her throat, jerking and pumping. Ali bobbed her head up and felt what seemed to be a shot glass's worth of hot pudding slide down her throat. He was cumming! Ali brought her head up feeling more hot seed slide down her throat, then it was filling her mouth. Ali swallowed, this time willingly as the taste wasn't as bad as she expected. More filled her mouth and she stroked upwards on the big cock to drain every last drop into her mouth. When Jack's penis quit spurting, Ali pulled it out of her mouth and moved her hand down to the base. It started out rock hard and swollen from his orgasm. She could feel his pulse beating through his cock and with each beat, it lost some of it's steel, slowly bending then falling over, limp, yet still inches bigger then Mikey's penis. Ali suddenly remembered her husband and a wave of guilt hit her. "I s-should be going," she said. "Stay," said Jack kissing her pussy. Ali moaned. "N-no, I can't. Gotta get back to Mikey." She rolled off Jack, got up and grabbed her robe. The black man looked magnificent lying nude on the bed. "We shouldn't have done this." "Hey, this is vacation. We should enjoy ourselves. We can do it again tomorrow night." "I can't." Ali stepped out onto the balcony. She'd never felt pleasure like Jack had just given her and he was offering the same tomorrow night. How could someone turn that down? Imagine being married to a guy like Jack and getting it every night? Ali didn't trust herself, she stared at Jack a moment before turning and stepping over the railing to her room. She'd need to stay away from Jack until they left for home the following morning. Cuckold Cleanup is an artist, so he hangs out in the art building. In the basement, there's a bathroom that has a glory hole. How do I know this? How do I know about Glory Holes? My boyfriend taught me. He would complain at first, cause when he had to take a dump at school, he was worried that the fags would peek in on him. Then, when he found out they were for getting your dick sucked, he had an idea. To make me suck him through the hole. "Yea, right," I said. "That's so fucked up. Why would you want me to do that?" Of course, in my mind, I was actually kind of intrigued by sucking him off in a place we might get caught. "Whatever baby...forget I even mentioned it." And, for a while, I did...until late one night, when he was in the lab in the basement, processing his photographs. (He takes great pictures, and you should see the nudes he took of me....all in good taste, of course.) It had been a long night, and his project, which made up 50% of his grade, was due at 8:40 the following morning. Things weren't going well, and I could tell how frustrated he was. I felt bad for him...and decided, right then and there, to make him feel better. I didn't Osa Lovely Cumbang been so horny lately I thought I would go crazy. You're so lucky to have little Mikey to take care of your needs." Ali sat down on the edge of the bed. "I've practically been climbing the walls with horniness this trip too." She looked down at her bare feet. "What about Mikey?" "Mikey hasn't exactly been up to bat since we got here. I think stress and his sunburn have gotten to him. But then, it supposedly happens to all guys." "Not black men. Yo, here's an idea. Since you got me off, I should get you off." "What do you mean?" "I'll give you an orgasm." "I have problems orgasming. I've only had a few in the early years we were married and they weren't any big deal. Besides, we've gone too far already. I should get back to my husband." "Look, you used your hand to get me off and all I'm asking is that you let me do the same. I've become quite good at it over the years." "What do you need me to do?" Jack grinned. "Just sit on the bed, lay back, and enjoy." Ali nervously sat on his bed. Jack came around and placed his hands on her knees, pulling her legs apart. He pulled the bottom of her robe apart until her shaved crotch appeared. "Can you turn out the light?" she asked. "I need to see what I'm doing. I've seen you naked already." "Yes," said Ali, he had, but the context hadn't been sexual, though the image of Jack on the beach, his glistening black body sporting that thirteen inch erection had certainly made her body think about sex. Ali held her robe closed at her navel while Jack brought his index finger up to her labia. She jumped when he touched her even though she'd been expecting it. He slid his finger along her lips, then started circling the tip around her opening. It felt so good to be touched, her hips almost imperceptibly began rising up into his finger. Ali was ashamed to see his finger was soaked already and he hadn't even penetrated her. It was too embarrassing to watch, so she laid down on her back on the bed. Jack's finger teased her, slipping just a little inside her. Then he removed it and brought the tip up to her clit. Ali felt her clit swelling as he stroked it. Jack slid it back down and inside, teasing her again. Ali moaned, her body starting to writhe a little on the bed. Suddenly, with no warning, Jack thrust his finger as deep as it would go in her pussy and wiggled it. Ali's eyes flew open and she arched her back as her pussy clamped down around the black man's finger which was as large as and more skilled then her husband's penis. The orgasm centered in her pussy, then ripped through her body. "Aaaaahh g-ooooddd," she screamed, black spots appearing before her eyes. Ali was wrong. Those few times with Mike where she'd thought she'd cum had been false alarms. Ali now knew what an orgasm felt like and she rather liked it. "Feel good?" asked Jack. "Oh yes." She was still breathing heavy and somewhat dazed. "Want another?" "Uh huh," she nodded. "Lay back and enjoy then. I don't know what Mikey's problem is, you're an easy cummer. White boys don't know nothing about pussy." Jack started fingering her again and her hips started rising into his finger almost immediately. This felt good and Ali didn''t think it could feel any better, but then she felt his tongue lick up her labia, working it's way around her folds. His tongue licked up and around her clit, before he sucked it up between his lips. Ali started shaking again as another orgasm built up, but then Jack ruined it by pulling his finger out. His finger quickly entered her again, this time he used two stretching her wider then Mike's penis ever had. This
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