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Allison Wyte Blacks On Blondes Osa Lovely Cumbang When I was only 16 my mom and dad divorced. I had known that it was inevitable that they would because they seemed to fight constantly. I know it was really hard on my dad when mom demanded the divorce. She got the house and me, their only child. I guess what surprised me most of all was how quickly my mom found another man. Within six months she was getting married to my step-dad. It bothered me a little at the time because my new step-dad was black. I know it bothered my real dad a lot. But Jim turned out to be a pretty cool guy and he's always treated me well, if not like a real son. The only problem was Jim's son from another marriage, Shaba. Shaba was 14 years old and was to be my new step-brother. He and I didn't get along well from the beginning. We were a world apart, Shaba and I. I was a 4.0 GPA student. I was captain of the debating team and a damn fine tennis player. I already had offers from several prestigious colleges and my future seemed assured. I was dating the prettiest girl on campus, Buffy Burke, a cheerleader, from an established family that dated back to the Mayflower. Buffy was blond, blue-eyed royalty, with big boobs thrown into the bargain. While we hadn't done the big nasty yet we had, on several occasions, engaged in heavy petting. We made a handsome couple and were destined to be married and produce a brood that would set the world on it's ear. Shaba Johnson was slightly different. He had been raised on the margins of poverty. He listened to rap music incessantly in his locked room. His friends were all black and dressed in baggy jeans and wore bandanas on their head. Red bandanas, which I surmised meant they were in some sort of criminal gang. Shaba didn't sit at the dinner table with my mom, his dad and I in the evenings. He was seldom home in the evenings. Shaba had frequent visits from a suited official that I later leaned was his probation officer. Shaba and I Osa Lovely Cumbang truly special about them. So there I was thinking about this guy's BIG BLACK COCK and how LONG it possibly is! I asked questions but no response about this guy's trunk. All she really said was that he had a red jacket, with baggy bluejeans, runners and his location. So I went up looking for this guy feeling a little heat waves. I found him with ease and approached him and said hi my name is Emily, are you Travis. He jumped to his feet quickly and grinned saying OOOHH YA!!! YES!!, followed by a wow. I was kinda shocked a little due to his somewhat of a quick yell. He complemented me on my appearance I said thankyou and Lady D Mandingo Black Bigdick fantastic!" Buffy moaned as she leaned forward, her heavy, full tits smashing on his thin chest. I could hear sloppy kisses. She had stopped her thrusts on his cock and he lessened his to short jabs into her satisfied pussy. "Shaba. . .I love you. . . " Buffy said, her voice croaking with emotion. She slowly moved her ass from side to side. "God! You're still hard!" She exclaimed in amazement. "I haven't got my nut yet," came Shaba's laconic response. "Wow. A long distance runner!" she said playfully, her ass beginning to move up and down again. "Doesn't that white boy last this long?" Shaba said. "Who? Jack? I wouldn't know. We've never done anything like this," she said flatly. "You mean that chump been wit' you all dis time and he ain't even had the pussy yet? Shee-it!" Buffy giggled. "Pussy," she repeated. "I love it when you talk nasty!" "Well, why don't you suck on mah black johnson again?" Again! My fiancee had sucked my step-brother's wanger!? Buffy unstradled Shaba. When she was fully off the boy I could see the total length of his erection. I gasped in disbelief. It looked to be eleven inches or so. So fat and heavy was it that it leaned over his flat belly, glistening, black and wet. Then they saw me. "Shit!" shrieked Buffy, her hands modestly flung up to cover her pendulous breasts, leaving her thick bush visible. At the ëV' of her crotch I could see her pussy lips, red, abused, distended. "Oh Jack! It isn't what it looks like!" "Oh? Just what is it, Buff? What are you doing?" I demanded. "I'm so sorry..." Buffy said, her voice quaking with emotion. Shaba had sat up on the bed. "Why don't you run along, white boy. Me and dis bitch got some more work to do. She don't belong to you anymore. She be mine!" "You rounder, you!" I yelled. "Stand up and take your beating like a man!" I raised my fists. I didn't want to hurt Shaba. . .well, yes I did. I wanted to redeem myself Blacks On Blondes Blog

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Lexi Leigh 2
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 Osa Lovely Cumbang Lexi Leigh 2
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Black Dick Pic Black Sluts realized that it wasn't this massive foot long dick. I asked him about his size, he said that it is a little bit over 9". I didn't understand about all this hype from Nicole about this guy. She knows I had bigger black cocks before. Not that this guy has to be ashamed of a 9" it's just that she said that he has something incredible to see and taste. Now for the taste I'm guessing he has sweat cum or so but see not to sure at that moment. So I started to lick up and down his shaft, then stroking more and sucking more and finally deep throating his love toy. I asked him to remove or lower his pants. He told me that he's got Black Shemale Cock Black Cock Sluts "Uh, Buff, why don't we ëgo all the way' now? We've been dating two years and all we've done is rub each other. I love you with all my being and I know you love me. It wouldn't be a sin." I was desperate. "Now Jack. We've been through this before. You know I want to save myself for you on our wedding night. It's my family tradition and my religion. You know I want to do it as much as you but I have to be responsible. Waiting will make it so much better for us both, don't you agree?" "Yes. Yes you are right," I lied. After Buffy had left for the evening I went into my bathroom and jerked myself off into the sink while holding a formal picture of her attired in her cheerleader uniform. I still had her scent on my fingers and I held them to my nose and I came copiously into the sink. I looked at my wilting penis in my hand. It was about five inches long and fairly thin. For the first time a pang of fear hit me. Wonder if Buffy will be disappointed in my equipment on our wedding night? I have heard that some women find larger ones more to their pleasure, but those are usually low class women of some disrepute. My penis was aristocratic, I reasoned, and fully capable of doing it's job. It was nestled in a thin forest of wispy blond curls that snaked their way to my navel. My scrotum that largely hairless and about the size of a walnut. I wondered if it was of a normal size. A few weeks after Buffy's revelation to me I was at school. I felt ill and decided to miss my last two periods (I didn't need them to graduate, at any rate) and came home to rest. As I neared the closed door to my bedroom I could hear moaning. I listened at my door and decided it was Buffy's voice I was hearing. She must to in some sort of pain, I thought, as I flung open my door. To say that the scene that met my eyes upset and perplexed me is an astounding understatement. There, on my own bed, was Buffy, naked, and straddling Free Blacks On Blondes Videos Blacks On Blondes stroked harder and sucked harder till I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat. It felt like he was shotting for distances, the force of his cum bouncing off the back of my throat was incredible. I started to swallow as fast as possible as he just kept on cumming. I continued to stroke his cock with long hard strokes, milking him for everything he had. Cum was now leaking out through the corners of my mouth. It felt like a gallon of cum and yet he was still spraying my mouth. Talk about a true painter. I coated my mouth and belly with his big balls. I finally was able to pull his dick out of my mouth and began sipping his pee hole Suck Black Dick the swollen head, it was tremendous. I looked to Buffy. Her face was aglow with desire and excitement. She was grinning broadly. Shaba was pulling on his crank, milking it. "Get on dat bed, bitch, and show me dat pussy!" Shaba commanded. "Okay!" Buffy responded gleefully, hoping onto her back on the messy bed and spreading her long, tan, cheerleader legs. Her twat was bushier than I had imagined. Her pussy lips were still ruby and stretched, sagging in places, no doubt from her earlier fucking. Shaba crawled onto the bed between her legs. Between his thighs, below his ass, I could see that his cock was lengthening again, his heavy black balls slowly rising and falling. They were going to fuck like I wasn't even here! I cleared my voice and rose shakily to my feet. "Excuse me," I began, "do you mean to engage in intercourse right now? With me in the room." Such was Shaba's contempt for me that he replied without turning, all the while guiding his cock into Buffy's willing pussy with one hand. "You can leave, white boy, or yous can stay. Don't get uppity or this ho' gonna tell everyone one at that faggity school you go to that you sucked on my johnson and that I turned you into a punk. Ain't that right, ho'?" "Oh, certainly!" Buffy giggled, between gasps as Shaba's cock cleared her labia. "I will tell everyone at school, Jack. You'll be ruined." "Buff, why are you doing this?" I croaked "Ohhhh. . . Jack, are you blind? Shaba's made me feel things I've never imagined. I. . .ohhhhh. . . love him and. . .mmmmmm. . .want him." By now Shaba had begun his slow, deliberate jabs into my girlfriend's womb. I could see her hips rocking up and down, her pussy devouring his pole. "I don't care if you come in me, Shaba. You can make me a baby if you want too!" I could stand no more and I left the room. The sounds of their lovemaking haunted me and filled my ears long after I was out of rang of his room. Cumbang Megaupload truly special about them. So there I was thinking about this guy's BIG BLACK COCK and how LONG it possibly is! I asked questions but no response about this guy's trunk. All she really said was that he had a red jacket, with baggy bluejeans, runners and his location. So I went up looking for this guy feeling a little heat waves. I found him with ease and approached him and said hi my name is Emily, are you Travis. He jumped to his feet quickly and grinned saying OOOHH YA!!! YES!!, followed by a wow. I was kinda shocked a little due to his somewhat of a quick yell. He complemented me on my appearance I said thankyou and Osa Lovely Cumbang as a man in Buffy's eyes. She must have been raped or seduced, I rationalized, and she wasn't responsible for what I had seen. Shaba slowly rose from the bed. His long woodie bobbed in front of his lithe frame as he approached me. I rose my fists defensively. When Shaba neared her threw a single punch that caught me on the nose. I fell to my knees like a sack of flower, my nose running blood freely. I was dazed, stars filling my eyes. I could hear Shaba's low laugh and Buffy's scream. Shaba leaned his hips forward and grasped his massive cock by it's base. He began beating me about the face with it, like it was a club. I could feel his cock hitting me, hard, hot, heavy. I tried to protect my face with my hands but Shaba slapped them away. "Don't hurt him!" Buffy pleaded. Yet, there was a wild look in her eyes. She was digging this! "Lookit! Jack's got a boner!" Shaba laughed. It was true. My own cock was still rock hard. Roughly, Shaba grabbed the hair hanging down my forehead and pulled it back so that my face was upturned to him. "Open yo' mouth, white boy!" he growled. Without thinking I obeyed. I only wanted the beating to stop. My eyes were blurry with tears of humiliation. Suddenly, I felt something hot and hard pushing past my teeth. The spongy mass hit the roof of my mouth and the smell of Buffy's pussy filled my nostrils. I realized, to my horror, that Shaba had slipped the head of his cock into my gaping mouth! I sputtered and tried to pull my head back but Shaba wrapped one large hand around the nape of my neck and began slowly, forcefully pulling my head onto his organ. Since my nose had swollen shut as a result of his punch I found that I could not breath with his grotesquely large tool filling my mouth to the walls. I began to gag reflexively. "That's it!" he hissed. "I like that feel!" With his free hand Shaba began jacking that part of his cock that wasn't already in my mouth.
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