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Black Cock Hoes Osa Lovely Cumbang Author's note: This story takes place in the years between Solomon's escape from the Gilgamesh Project and his rise to crimelord/philanthropist in New York. The Prisoner: Prologue The giant cock jerked in Jane's throat and she felt Solomon's sperm filling her belly. She slid eight inches of his foot long cock out of her mouth, wanting to taste his hot seed on her tongue. The head of his cock was still shooting sperm into her mouth as she looked up at the giant black man that had fucked her so good, she had abandoned her husband for a life of crime. Three months earlier... Jane peeked through the blinds at her husband talking to the black man. Her husband had hired him to paint their house and was explaining what he wanted done. Jane had never seen many black men and never any man as muscular as Solomon. He was a big, hulking brute and she felt a funny feeling in her stomach as she looked at him. Jane avoided the black man for the first couple days, but found herself staring at his bare chest and beefy arms through the curtains of her bedroom window as he stood on a ladder painting her house. Three days into the job, Jane invited him inside for some iced tea on a particularly hot August day. They sat down at the kitchen table and talked. She found Solomon to be very intelligent and his voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect on her as she stared at his sweaty torso. They started having tea breaks together every day and she began opening up to him. His questions began to get personal, but he seemed to know how to get into her head and she answered every question truthfully. Jane told Solomon about how her husband could only get a partial erection and how they only had sex about once a month. Solomon laughed when she said her husband's penis was a nice size at five inches long. Jane excused herself and walked down the hall to the kitchen, passing the bathroom. She rinsed their glasses and headed back towards the porch where they always enjoyed their daily tea breaks. She heard something in the bathroom and looked in as she walked by. Solomon was standing before the toilet urinating. A torrent of urine poured out of the biggest, blackest penis she had ever seen. It was plump and around eight inches long. It was slightly crooked angling down as he peed. "You ever seen a cock this big Jane?" he asked without looking at her. "N-never," she replied staring at it. "Come into the bathroom Jane." Jane couldn't resist his commands and she crossed the threshold, slowly walking up to him, still watching the urine splashing into the toilet. "Why don't you hold it for me Jane?" "N-no, I couldn't," she answered, shocked at the idea. She hadn't even really touched her husband's penis except to squeeze it hard enough to penetrate her, let alone held it while he peed. "Touch it Jane," he said looking deep into her eyes. "Touch a real man's cock for the first time." Jane didn't know why, but she obeyed him. She gulped as she reached out and touched the shaft. She wrapped her fist around the base. He was so thick her fingers didn't touch. His cock was warm to the touch and she could feel the urine flowing underneath the skin. She aimed his cock, directing the pee around the inside of the toilet. He had drank a lot of fluids that day and his stream was strong, but eventually it slackened off to a trickle. When he was done pissing, Solomon said, "Shake it Jane, make sure it's all done." Jane stroked her hand up to the head of his cock, shaking all the urine out. As she stroked, his cock started growing in her hand and she gasped. It was only the second penis she had ever seen and it was more then twice as long as her husband's and three times as thick. Solomon turned and faced her. His cock was poking her in the belly as he looked down into her eyes. "Jane, you need a big cock to satisfy you. A black cock. My cock." Jane nodded. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. She obediently fell to her knees before his cock. The plum sized head was pointing at her mouth and she opened wide to let him in. Once the head was in, she wanted more. Jane opened wide stretching her jaw as far as it would go and she forced more and more of his beautiful black cock into her mouth and throat. Jane was filled with an overwhelming desire to please this man. An hour earlier she would have gagged at the thought of putting her husband's penis in her mouth, let alone a strange black man's. Now, she would do anything to please Solomon, even swallowing his semen. And she did. After fifteen minutes of furiously bobbing her head up and down his foot long cock, it erupted in her throat. She felt his sperm sliding into her belly and she bobbed her head up so that she could taste his seed on her tongue. Sperm filled her mouth and she swallowed all of it. His single load was larger then all the orgasms her husband had cum since they were married. Two hours and ten orgasms later, Jane woke up in her bed. Her jaw ached, her pussy ached, and her ass throbbed from the pain of being stretched out by Solomon's giant black cock. Her wrists also ached and when she woke up completely, she realized her hands were tied. Solomon was going through her jewelry box. He was a house thief. He was wanted in three states. He usually just broke into homes when the owners were away, but the wealthier looking homes, he usually cased out. This last week he had memorized the location of all Jane's and her husband's valuables. Jane found all this out later, but for now she was horrified to realize that she had been seduced and fucked by a black thief, and even worse, she'd give anything to have him fuck her again. It was the way he ate her pussy that made her his slave and gave her the first orgasm of her life. She had never had oral sex before and she hated her husband for never eating her. After she swallowed his cum, Solomon had carried her to the kitchen and laid her on the table. She didn't know what he intended, as he spread her legs and kneeled on the floor between them. His tongue touched her labia and her eyes grew wide in surprise as it pushed its way into her vagina. Her body immediately began responding to the most intense pleasure of her life. She writhed on the table, her flat belly undulating wildly, as she began humping her crotch into his mouth. His tongue felt even bigger then her husband's penis and something exploded inside her as his tongue lapped around her clit. Jane had screamed in pleasure as she had her first orgasm. Solomon looked at her tied on the bed and without a word, he turned to leave with a bag full of their valuables. He was almost out of the room when Jane said, "Take me with you." Solomon turned to look at her with a surprised look on his face. "You don't want to come with me Jane." "Yes I do," she begged. "Please take me with you. I hate my husband. I only want to fuck you from now on." Jane still couldn't believe how incredible, how full, his cock felt in her pussy. He had led her up the stairs and fucked her for hours on her marital bed. The orgasm she had when he came in her sore, stretched out pussy was even larger then the first time. Impossibly, he had even gotten hard a third time and he had fucked her ass. Solomon's cock claimed and dominated her body so well, she would do anything to be with him. Solomon Osa Lovely Cumbang successful party, and around midnight everyone had left, except for my wife's friend Susan, her boyfriend Jim, Ken, one of my friends, and Derrick, a black man who worked with my wife. Everyone was feeling pretty buzzed from all of the wine that was Large Black Cock Black Cock Cum Slut him work out, but she resisted the urge to go watch him. Still latter, she heard him masturbating again. She broke out in a sweat as she pictured him stroking off his huge cock, but she remained at her desk. Heather's eyes were red from crying and lack of sleep when she arrived at work the next day. She had broken out her sexiest bra and panties and worn them to bed. They had been a gift from her first boyfriend and she had only worn them a couple times. She had set the alarm and was waiting on the bed in a sexy pose when Howard came home. "What's wrong? Have you been crying?" said Solomon taking his dinner tray through the bars. "It's Howard," she replied. "He fell asleep just as we were about to make love." "What's wrong with him?" said Solomon looking concerned. "You need to try the lingerie idea. Trust me, it works every time." "It didn't last night." "You're joking? No, I see you're not. Well was it sexy? It couldn't have been. I can tell you have an incredible body under that uniform. It couldn't have been that sexy." It's pretty bad when a house thief was paying more attention to her then her fiance was. Heather hadn't bothered to change last night. She was wearing the lingerie under her uniform. "Let me show you," she said. "An old boyfriend gave it to me, so he obviously liked it." Heather unbuttoned the first few buttons on her uniform and pulled her top open revealing just the top of her bra. "It looks pretty hot, I love lacy, white lingerie, but it's kinda hard to tell. Show me more." It was as if he had cast a spell on her. Heather didn't think twice about unbuttoning the rest of her shirt. She untucked her uniform and held it open. Heather felt her nipples hardening as she exposed her body for this dominant male. Her bra was lacy white and very see-thru. Heather had a stripper's body, a thin waist, wide hips and large full breasts capped by fat nipples. "Heather, your magniicent. Take the top all the way off and turn around for me." Heather obliged. "Your fiance is a fool. Pull down the edge of your pants so that I can see your belly button." Heather pulled her pants down her hips so that her flat tummy was visible to the black prisoner. "I'm only seeing you from the waist up and your the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Show me the rest." Heather finally hesitated. "I don't know..." "Is the sheriff coming back soon?" "No." "Then what's the harm. Take off your pants Heather. You know you want to show me your body...so I can help you with Howard. Heather looked down at the huge bulge tenting out his jumpsuit and started removing her gun belt. His bulge moved as she unbuttoned, then unzipped her pants. She opend her pants and wiggled them down over her hips until she stepped out of them. She realized she looked dumb in her uniform shoes and socks and removed them also. "Heather you're just too sexy," said Solomon staring down at her pussy hair visible through the panties. "You should be a model. Turn around for me. Let me see your body. There's nothing wrong with your outfit," he said staring at her bare ass as the thong slid between her cheeks. "The problems with your husband. "Your hot body is making me so hot, I gotta take my cock out." "What?" said Heather turning around just as Solomon's long dong sprang up from the confines of his jumpsuit. "I should go." "No Heather, stay. Let me look at you as I jerk off. I haven't been with a woman in so long and never one as perfect as you. Let me fantasie about what can never be mine as I jerk off." Heather froze and let him watch her as he started stroking his huge cock. "Look how hard you've made me Heather. Why doesn't your body make Howard this hard." "He's never been that hard or big. How b..." "Twelve inches exactly," said Solomon. "Why don't you get on your knees and take a closer look. Heather kneeled and Solomon brought his cock closer so that it was only a foot away. She could smell it, it was so close and the odor had her panties soaking wet with desire. The head was pointing right at her face and she could see every ridge and bulge on his huge erection. Even his balls were gigantic, explaining his huge orgasms. Just as she remembered, it was too late. Solomon's cock head swelled even bigger and it spat a huge wad of cum that splatered from her forehead to her chin. She screamed in horror and a second wad flew in her mouth. A third wad splattered across her breasts as she pulled back, inadvertently gulping down his sperm. Heather grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom to clean up. More of Solomon's sperm covered her lips and chin. Instead of cleaning it, she licked her tongue around her mouth, surprised that his sperm actually tasted kind of good. After she had cleaned off Solomon's sperm, Heather returned to her desk still clad in her lingerie. She was breathing heavy and hornier then she had ever been in her life. She sat down and propped her legs up on her desk, spreading them. Heather pulled her panties over and ran one finger up her wet slit. She shivered with pleasure at how good it felt, but she wanted more. She reached over and grabbed her black billy club. It was about the thickness of a nice big cock. She placed it at the entrance to her pussy and was about to push it in when the sheriff came in on the radio and said he was on his way back. She sighed in frustration and ran to put her uniform back on. Extradition(-7) "I can't talk, I have work to do," said Heather handing Solomon his dinner tray. "You're not upset about last night are you?" he called. "No," she lied. She wasn't upset that she modeled for him or that he had ejaculated on her. She was upset because she was sexually frustrated. Heather didn't plan on talking to him that night, but when she checked on Solomon after the sheriff had left, she found him doing his Tai Chi nude. His cock was plump, long, and at half mast. Solomon walked over to the bars and said, "Heather, I'm glad you came back. I'm sorry about last night. You were just so beautiful, I couldn't control myself. Just thinking about you gets me excited." Heather looked down and saw his cock rising. She jumped when he reached through the bars and rested his hands on her shoulders. Solomon pushed her down and she relented, falling to her knees. "Let me jerk off again while I look at you." Heather watched fascinated as Solomon began stroking his cock just inches from her face. "I'm being selfish," he said. "I take it you've never seen a cock like mine?" "No, I've never even imagined there were cocks this big." "Why don't you touch it. This may be your only chance to feel a really big cock. You'll be married soon and stuck touching Howard's little penis." Heather frowned at the thought of never seeing anything bigger then Howard again. "I can really touch it?" "Be my guest. Just reach out and grab the head." Heather reached up and squeezed the head between her fingers. It was so hard and unyeilding, it may as well have been carved from ebony. It was so unlike Howard's soft penis. She slid her fingers down the shaft and Solomon obliged her by forcing as much as he could through the bars. Heather wrapped her fingers around it, amazed at the inch long gap between them. Solomon pulled back and thrust his cock through her fingers. She began moving her own hand up and down his shaft. Venus Blacks On Blondes

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Interracial Porn Clips Blacks On Cougars Video I guess the sexual tension carried over. I slid off the chair, because Susan had spread her legs and was wearing a short skirt and pantyhose with no panties. From that vantage point I could see her trim pussy. Ken had also positioned himself for Friday Blacks On Blondes Morning Star Cumbang to come get him for another two weeks, and the judge is out of town. I'm splitting the three of us into three shifts of ten hours each. Someone will stay here to keep an eye on things and the other officer will be on patrol. Remember, the prisoner has a partner out there somewhere, so be alert, and don't let anyone you don't know inside the police station. Got it." Heather and Howard looked at each other. They wouldn't have a lot of time to spend together the next two weeks. They looked at the sheriff and nodded. "Good," said the sheriff, "and congratulations on your engagement." "Sorry you two can't spend more time together, but those are the breaks. Heather, you have the night shift, ten to eight in the morning. Howard, six in the morning to four. I'll work two till midnight. Someone will check in to the station every hour that there is only one of us on duty when Agnes is off," he finished nodding his head toward the dispatcher in the side room. ------------------------- Solomon listened from his cell. He committed the shifts to memory, calculating in his head what times they would be alone. His call had been to Jane's cell phone and he had given her instructions for the week. He hadn't gotten a good look at the female cop, but what he had seen impressed him, especially those big tittties stretching out her uniform. He was shocked to hear that she was engaged to the wimp that had captured him. Solomon sat on his cot. He needed to work on a plan. He only had fourteen days to escape. That evening, the female cop unlocked the gate leading to the cells. The gate connected with the police station and on the other side of the door was a short hall with two cells. The first was empty, Solomon was in the second. "Good evening Heather," said Solomon looking her in the eyes. He was sitting on the cot, back straight, hands folded on his lap. She seemed startled by the use of her name, but she quickly recovered. "Good evening. I've brought your dinner." She handed him a tray through a slot in the door and he grabbed it smiling at her. "Thank you," said the prisoner. Jane nodded and was turning to leave when he added, "Heather don't go. Stay and talk to me." "I'm not supposed to fraternize with the prisoners." "I understand," he said. "I just get bored without someone to talk to." "I'll be back to check up on you," she said before leaving. Jane went back to her desk and worked on paperwork for a while. It was a pretty quiet night, every hour the sheriff would radio in and she would check on the prisoner. As the night wore on, she got bored and found herself hanging around outside Solomon's cell talking longer with each visit. She was only used to the occasional abusive husband or town drunk and she had never met any serious criminals. She was surprised at how intelligent he seemed. Solomon definitely was not your usual felon. The sheriff came into the office a little after midnight. Heather greeted him from her desk and watched as he entered the cell area to check on the prisoner. "Sleeping like a baby," said the sheriff. "call me if there's any trouble." Heather went back to her paperwork while the sheriff locked up the shotgun from the squad car and put his portable radio into the re-charger. "See ya tomorrow night," he said as he headed home. Around 1:00 am, Heather heard a rhythmic grunting coming from the prisoner's cell. She got up to investigate. Solomon was doing sit ups on the floor of the cell. She watched without interrupting. The prisoner had stripped of his shirt and was wearing only orange prison pants. Sweat glistened off his black skin and his muscles rippled with each rep. Solomon had the most impressive physique she had ever seen on any man. The sheriff came close, but he was trim compared to Solomon's beefier, muscular form. Solomon stood up and began a series of graceful stretches that accentuated his muscles and physique. "Good morning Heather," he said without looking at her. Heather came forward up to the bars. "Good morning," she answered looking at his chest. "What are you doing?" "Tai Chi, it keeps the mind and body sharp." "Is it hard to learn?" she asked. "It takes a long time and is hard work," he replied. "Long and hard, long and hard." That reminded her of what Howard had said about his penis and she couldn't help but glance down at his crotch as he was looking away. The orange jumpsuit was bulging out impressively. Heather looked down and gasped. His penis was outlined down the right leg of his pants. It was long and hard, Howard hadn't exaggerated about it's size. She looked up to find Solomon staring at her. Heather blushed and excused herself. When she came back an hour later he was asleep again. ******************** The sheriff entered his apartment and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small hypodermic needle. 'I shouldn't do this shit,' he thought as he injected the needle into his arm. He sat down on his couch and sipped the beer waiting for the buzz to hit. He hadn't touched drugs in years, but found the craving hard to resist. The prisoner had a handful of these vials in his possession when he was arrested. It had been all to easy to pawn one as he checked in the thief's items. He finished his beer and started another. Still no buzz. The sheriff looked at the vial and chunked it in his trash. 'Maybe it's some type of steroid,' he thought, picturing the prisoners over muscled body in his mind. Extradition (-10) Heather was horny and frustrated when she went into work. She had seen Howard for only a couple hours the last four days when he got on duty, then she went home to sleep. Heather moaned in her sleep, then woke up abruptly. She reached down between her legs and ran her finger along her slit. It was wet with her juices and her clit was engorged. She couldn't remember her dream, but it must have been pretty hot. She ran her finger around her clit, thinking of her fiance. She fantasized about Howard getting off work and throwing her down on the bed and making love to her for the six hours until she had to go to work. Unfortunately, Howard got off work and collapsed exhausted on the bed, his snores resounding through the bedroom three minutes later. She got up and dressed for work. Heather stopped at a deli to pick up some sandwiches for herself and the prisoner. She had found herself talking to him every night during his Tai Chi excercises. When she got to the police station, the sheriff was out on patrol and Agnes was manning the phones. Heather was tired of being alone and starved for human conversation. She talked to the old dispatcher for an hour before Agnes got off work. When Agnes left, Heather puttered around bored out of her skull. She'd try to remember to buy something to read tomorrow night. She looked at her watch. Time to take Solomon his dinner. She grabbed his sandwich and a soda, carrying it back to his cell. The prisoner was doing his Tai Chi movements again, every perfectly developed muscles on his chest and arms accentuated and glistening with sweat. Heather watched for a minute, admiring his body and not wanting to interrupt. "Dinner time," he said without looking at her. It was almost like he could sense her presence. "Yes, I didn't want to disturb your workout." Solomon Interracialmovies Alexis Golden Blacks On Blondes was doing that, Susan watched my wife sucking Derrick, and rolled her tongue around like she was sucking Derrick's cock. About fifteen minutes later Derrick exploded in my wife's mouth with a shuddering orgasm. Alexis Interracial her tongue out and began cleaning his cock. ******************** Extradition (-1) Heather felt great and sad at the same time as the sheriff left on patrol. For the first time, she felt sexually satisfied and had finally had a good nights sleep. On the other hand, today would be her last day with the prisoner. Clothed, she walked back to the cells. "Yesterday was incredible Solomon." "It was nice, but I wish I wasn't behind bars and could give you a real good fucking "I want that too, but I can't risk my job." Heather took her handcuffs out and tossed them through the bars. "Handcuff your ankle to the cot." "Yes maam," said Solomon. ******************** The sheriff saw Jane standing out by her car at the motel. He parked around the side to be inconspicuus as he intended to spend the rest of his shift with the skillful slut. She was in his arms the second he was out of the car. The sheriff french issed her as she wrapped her legs around his waist like she didn't care if anyone saw them. "Lets get inside," he said. Jane let them into her hotle room and started removing her clothes. The sheriff followed. He removed his shirt and a nude Jane came over to help with the pants. "Wow, you are excited to see me again. It looks even bigger then I remembered." It was bigger then a foot now and the sheriff was starting to get worried. Two weeks ago, he had an above average sized cock at seven inches. He didn't when it would stop growing, but wasn't about to let that stop him tonight. Jane immediately started slurping on it. His cock was rock har dand glistening when she stopped. "Close your eyes and lie dwn on the bed." The sheriff's bulging, muscular body took up more then half the bed as he lied down on his back and closed his eyes. He felt Jane climb on top of him and then cold metal gripped his wrists. He opened his eyes and looked at the handcuffs confining him to the bed. "Hey what gives?" "Your holding a friend of mine in your cell." The sheriff groaned. The prisoners partner wasn't a black woman at all. A big city cop would never be that stupid. "Don't worry sheriff. I still have time to take care of that gorgeous cock of yours. Jane crawled between his legs and started sucking. Soon the sheriff was bucking his hips into her mouth. ******************** Solomon was bucking his hips into Heathers mouth as she kneeled nude between his legs at the foot of the prison cot. She groaned and forced her head down until her lips were kissing his pubic hair. She was a fast learner. Heather stayed still with Solomon's cock buried in her throat. She let her throat relax and grow used to the invader before starting to bob her head rapidly. Soon her efforts were rewarded by several mouthfuls of sperm. Heather kept sucking until she was sure every last drop of sperm had been sucked out of it and she was sure it was staying hard. Heather climbed up on Solomon and held his cock aloft as she slowly lowered herself over it. She slowly raised herself up and down over his cock taking more and more into her pussy until her legs collapsed as the first orgasm overtook her. Heather fell, taking all twelve inches into her pussy. Heather felt her pussy reshaping itself around Solomon's cock. 'Poor Howard,' she thought. 'I'll never be able to feel him again.' ******************* Jane wiped some of the sherifs sperm off her chin as she stared at his still hard cock. Solomon had ordered her not to fuck the sheriff, but she hadn't had a good fuck in two weeks. Jane straddled the sheriff and slowly lowered herself over over his cock. She easily took him in as she began fucking him as fast as her legs could bounce. "God you black men are great fucks," screamed Jane as the sheriffs cock exploded in her pussy. Their black cocks seemed to draw the orgsms from her body. She fell forward on the sheriff and rested. "I could fuck you all night, but my man is waiting for me." Jane kissed the sheriff and began to get dressed. ****************** Tears were pouring down Heathers face from pleasure and guilt. As Solomon's cock filled her pussy with cum, she knew she was hooked on black cock. She passed out again as the orgasm over took her. Solomon was fucking her again when she woke up, but in a different position. She was handcuffed to the cell bars standing up and Solomon was pounding her pussy from behind. He had somehow reached her pile of clothes and freed himself. Solomon pulled out and brought his cock up to her ass. Sweat broke out on Heather's forhead when she realized where he was heading. "No not my ass. Your too big." "Sluts like you love to get their asses fucked," said Solomon pushing his cock head in. Heather screamed at the pain and started struggling against the handcuffs. Solomon was gentle and let her grow used to each inch before pushing another in. He met resistance at eight inches and began slowly fucking her ass. Soon she quit struggling and started pushing back into him. "You love my cock don't you slut." "I love it. Fuck me. Fuck my ass." Heather threw her head back and screamed in delight. Solomon fucked her until he filled her ass with cum and she passed out again. Solomon pulled out and watched his sperm rise to the surface as her ass slowly closed. He turned around and calmly walked out of the cell. "No, don't go stay. I only want to fuck you from now on." called Heather after him. Solomon walked over to the lockers, retrieved his clothes, and the precious vials of the X-serum. He walked out of the police station just as Jane pulled up in the car. ***************** The sheriff ran into the station a hour after Solomon had left. He had yelled for help unti someone called the hotel manager and the man had unlocked his handcuffs. The sheriff entered the cell with gun drawn. The first thing he saw was the beautiful Heather hanging nude, handcuffed to the cell. "Thank god," she cried. "Please just let me down and promise not to tell Howard. What are you doing?" The sheriff had walked behind her and was pulling down his trousers. "I've wanted this for a long time," he said pushing his cock into her cum-soaked pussy. Within seconds, Heather was pushing back into his cock moaning. "Your pussy belongs to me now bitch." "Yes, god yes, fuck me sheriff." "Our careers are over for this fuck up Heather." "I know." "Leave Howard and runaway with me." "Anything, as long as you keep fucking me." "I don't think that'll be a problem." ******************** Solomon had noticed one of the X-serum vials was missing and judging by the flushed conition of Jane's skin, he could make a guess what had happened to it. He could smell the other man's scent coming from her crotch. Well at least the sheriff was a brother. He looked down on women so much, he didnt feel jealous sharing her with another man. These two women would go around spreading the myth about gigantic black cocks. Solomon liked the idea of making sluts of white wives and destroying marriages. He shook the vials reasuringly in his pocket. He was begining to form ideas about the future. He looked down at Jane sucking his cock while he drove. He wished her tits were as big as Heather's. He was tired of her already and decided to drop her off at the next town. Solomon aimed his car towards the border and drove off still thinking about the future. The End Interracial Massage And Creampie successful party, and around midnight everyone had left, except for my wife's friend Susan, her boyfriend Jim, Ken, one of my friends, and Derrick, a black man who worked with my wife. Everyone was feeling pretty buzzed from all of the wine that was Osa Lovely Cumbang shaft. She wanted to jerk him off, she wanted to see his cock shoot out gallons of cum again. Heather spit in her left hand and brought it up when her right became tired. Soon her left was tired also and she brought her right back up. She started jerking him off with both hands. Solomon's cock swelled up and began tremling in her hands. She watched the head swell up and spit out a huge wad of cum that landed on her uniform. Heather brought her head down an inch from Solomon's cock head and caught the second wad on her extended tongue. His remaining cum missed her staining the floor. What a waste, she thought. Heather jerked him off again the next night. "Please Heather. If I go to jail, you may be the last woman whoever touches my cock. I want you to be the last woman." "OK, one more time, but I don't want to stain my uniform." "Then take it off. Let me see your body." Heather stripped off her uniform, this time including her underwear until she stood trembling before him completely naked. "God your tits are perfect Heather. I can't believe they're real. Kneel down and jerk me off." Heather kneeled and spit in her hands, quickly grabbing him and stroking his cock. "Thats it baby, stroke that big black cock. Come closer, rub your tits on it. Oh god that feels great. Titty fuck me baby." Heather jerked him off and let im slide his cock between her tits until he blew his load. Didn't the amount ever slacken off, she thought as her tits were compeltely covered in sperm. Heather ran her hand through the sperm, rubbing it into her breasts. A big glob formed at the tip of Solomon's cock and was about to drip, when Heather ran her tongue up over it, lapping it up. Solomon's cock jerked at the touch of her tongue and impossibly it seemed to reverse course, starting to grow again, just seconds after ejaculating previously. Heather started the process all over again. Extradition(-5) "Strip for me Heather," ordered Solomon the minute she brought him his dinner. He was shirtless and pulled off his pants as she began stripping. Solomon walked up to the bars and slid his cock through the gap. "This time I want you to use your mouth." Heather had already kneeled and was preparing to jerk him off again. She looked up at him in shock at his suggestion. "Suck my cock Heather," said the black man. "You licked it yesterday. All you have to do is lick it some more and then take it in your mouth. It would make me very happy if you sucked my cock." Heather really wanted to make Solomon happy. Something inside her desired to serve this man, to please him. Heather stuck out her tongue and began licking the crown of Solomon's long black cock. She licked down the shaft to the bars and would have licked his big balls if they hadn't been on the otherside of the cell. Heather licked back up to the tip and took him into her mouth. This was a new experience for her and she found it dificult not to gag, but her desire to please him, had her doubling her efforts each time she choked. Soon, Heather could feel his huge cock-head sliding up and down her throat as she sucked him. Solomon reached through the bars and grabbed the sides of her head as he began fucking her face. She was swallowing down to the bars now, taking nine inches of cock down her throat. She thought she'd choke to death when Solomon's cock swelled up and almost wedged in her throat. She forced it out until just the head was in her mouth as her cheeks bulged out from Solomon's hot cum. ****************** The sheriff was driving down the highway after dusk when he noticed the car driving eratically. He turned his sirens on and the car pulled over. "Heather," he said picking up the radio. "I have some tags for you to run through the computer." Heather didn't answer and he assumed she was in the bathroom or checking on the prisoner. He'd try again in a few minutes. The sheriff got out of his car and and walked over to the driver's side of the car he had stopped. He was surprised to see an attractive woman wearing a short coat with bare legs sticking out from under it. "Good evening ma'am. Our you aware of why I stopped you?" "Yes officer, I crossed the median a couple times." "You were weaving quite a bit, have you been drinking?" "No sir, I was applying my make-up." The sheriff's eyes roamed down her body as she spoke. The woman had parted her legs, letting the coat run up even farther. "Anything that distracts you while driving can be dangerous ma'am. I'm going have to give you a ticket." "Please officer, this is my husband's car and I don't want him to know I got a ticket." "And why is that?" The woman took a deep breath and said, "I was on my way to meet my boyfriend." The sheriff nodded in understanding. "Well I'm sorry, there's not much I can do." The woman hesitated, then pulled down the zipper on her coat. She was wearing a white, lace bra and garter ensemble and nothing else. "Would you agree to forget it if I gave you a blow job?" The sheriff felt his cock practically double in size at her last two words. He had always dreamed of having a white woman. He fantasized of a white woman with bright red lips parting to suck his cock. Granted he had a problem with drugs when he was younger, but otherwise he didn't engage in criminal activity. He didn't like the idea of abusing his position. The woman made up his mind for him. "My name is Jane," she said reaching out to grab his cock through his trousers. "I take it we have an agreement," she said squeezing his hard cock. "We have an agreement." "Good," said Jane, "but it goes no furthur then a blow job." Solomon had ordered her to keep her pussy for him until he tired of it. The sheriff watched as Jane skillfully unzipped his trousers and with difficulty pulled out his rock hard cock. "My sheriff what a big cock you have." The sheriff moved closer to the window and Jane began running her tongue around the tip of his cock. Not only was it a dream come true to get a blow job from a white woman, but it was the best blow job the sheriff had ever gotten in his life. Most woman just did it to make their man happy or to get some oral sex in return. This woman seemed to actually love sucking cock. She licked his entire dick from top to bottom and even gave his balls a good tonguing. When she took him in her mouth it wasn't long before she was swallowing all eleven and a half inches down her throat like she was used to sucking unbelievably large cocks. Not only was he impressed with her, but he was impressed with himself. The sheriff hadn't gotten a good fuck in months and hadn't had a blow job in over a year, but he lasted twenty minutes before blowing and it was the best load he ever shot. His testicles had grown along with his dick and they emptied three mouthfuls of sperm into Jane that she lovingly gulped down. 'Not only does she like sucking dick,' thought the sheriff, 'but she likes the taste of cum. "I take it there'll be no ticket," said Jane stroking his cock like she was milking it for more cum and licking up the drops that formed on the tip. "No ma'am," said the sheriff. "You just passed the breathalizer test." "Well, I gotta go meet the boyfriend," said Jane. "He's a lucky man." The sheriff stepped back as she drove off. He looked down at his cock. It was rock hard again from her stroking, just minutes after
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