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Black Bigcock Osa Lovely Cumbang It was before the war spread south to Georgia. It was a time when Atlanta was still beautiful and the home of many of the ConfederacyÕs finest gentlemen. It was then that Leasa Edwards, daughter of Colonel Everett Clyborn Edwards, was the most sought after beauty south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Heiress to one of the largest plantations in GeorgiaÑÔTaraÕÑLeasa Edwards was both wealthy and lovely. This stately, young woman caught the eye of all and any fine, young, southern gentleman in her vicinity. Who could resist her slender, 5Õ7Ó frame swaying through a southern breeze? And who could not admire her fine, blonde hair coiffed demurely in a bun or rolling freely down her back. And those deep blue eyes set in a perfect face of pale white, delicate skin were found irresistible by any man who met her acquaintance. Most men also admired her goddess-like figure: 36C-24-35. She was as close to perfect as ever a woman was...with a personality to match. She was kind-hearted, gay, and bright. Leasa Edwards was truly a treasure of Southern femininity. Atlanta's nights would see many of the cityÕs finest young gentlemen calling on ÒMiss LeasaÓ. They would take strolls with her along the paths of the city and around the plantationÕs many acres. They would sit with her on the mansionÕs veranda, just gazing on her beauty. But all of the courting was very much chaperoned, of course, by LeasaÕs family as well as some of the house slaves. Some nights LeasaÕs daddy, the Colonel, would hold parties on the grounds of the plantation. There would be much drink, food, and partying. Some lucky young beau would get to hold LeasaÕs hand while they watched the darkies dance and sing for the pleasure of the upper crust Whites in attendance. Old, fat SamboÑone of the older slavesÑwould dance for the revelers and make everyone laugh till their sides split. Leasa would love to watch the funny, fat, black man dance from foot to foot playing his harmonica, his baggy pants jostling just like a clownÕs. ÒOh Sambo!Ó sheÕd exclaim, ÒYou make me laugh so!Ó Sambo would smile and dance on, acting the buffoon for white society...and for the beautiful Leasa Edwards, daughter of his master. But in SamboÕs heart was a yearning for the day that the Union Calvary would stamp the Confederacy under its hoof...the day that Sambo and his many wives and children, which he mated with and bred for Master Edwards, would be free. One day in early spring it was announced that Leasa Edwards was engaged to Captain Jonathan Beauragard, one of the ConfederacyÕs finest horseman. He was a fine cut of a man with long blonde hair, a square chin and handsome features. Everyone thought it a match made in heaven. They were two of the finest looking, young specimens the white, Anglo South had to offer. Unfortunately, their wedding came just at the time that the Union Army began its siege of Atlanta and the burning started. At that time, Sambo and the 80 or more slaves on Tara rebelled and left the mansion and its grounds in ruins. The Union Army swept into Atlanta and the restÑas they sayÑis history. After the war, things were very different in Atlanta. Social position and graces once prized in southern society were no longer of the same importance. LeasaÕs daddy, the Colonel, was killed in the fight for Atlanta. It was unfortunate for Leasa that the Colonel never left a will. And with Ôcarpetbagger justiceÕ being what it wasÑshe was left with nothing. Captain Beauragard owned little. Without the prestige of his military position, he had little to offer. He knew no trade and had little education for business. Soon after the war, prospects for the once enviable, young couple grew more and more meager. In short time, they moved into a small one-bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta...and not one of the nicer downtown areas Osa Lovely Cumbang "Come on in." We watched some TV together, then made ready for bed. I showered, then the black girl took her turn in the shower. I had never seen a black person nude before, and when she came into the bedroom naked a little thrill ran through me. She was still moist from her bath, I saw. I wanted to stare at her, but I could not. Her titties were almost giant in size, pair of huge globes which sagged just enough to be intriguing, each with a big dark nipple. She had a surprisingly small waist, wide, soft-looking hips, and big satiny-looking thighs. She had enough pubic hair for three women, a great wide forest of thick, black fur nestled in the juncture of her big legs. I thrilled again when she crawled into bed, her plump, dimpled bottom smiling at me. I climbed in beside her and clicked out the light. Suckin Black Dick Candice Nicole Cumbang to the black man and slowly sank to her knees between his spread thighs. Her deep blue eyes were now level with the bulging crotch of the fat BlackÕs pants. ÒIÕm uncomfortable in these tights, Leasa. Unbutton them!!!Ó A low moan was released from the Captain behind her. But LeasaÕs eyes never left the bulging outline of the huge African genitalia before her. The blonde southern belleÕs delicate, alabaster hands slowly rose to the buttons that strained to confine the horse-sized, sexual equipment the tight riding pants contained. As the refined and elegant Leasa Edwards began unbuttoning the fat, black manÕs fly, each undone button would jerk open from the strain of the over sized contents they had imprisoned. When the buttons were all undone, Sambo lifted his hips: ÒPull Ôem down, girl,Ó he commanded. Leasa Edwards reached up and began peeling the tight pants off the corpulent NegroÕs frame. ÒNoooo...Ó the deflated Captain whined softly behind her. But Leasa moved as if in a trance. She never really heard her husbandÕs protest. Leasa Edwards now wanted to see the trophy-sized, stud equipment that this giant of a man possessed...more than anything in her life. As Leasa pulled the pants off of Sambo, she stopped suddenly in stunned awe at the amazing length and girth of the stallion-sized, uncircumcised dick that lurched up before her face. Unconsciously, Leasa licked her lips. As moments drew on, the blonde goddess just knelt between the obese black manÕs legs, staring at his gargantuan dick. The Captain stared too. Sitting on the floor a few feet away, he could only sit transfixed, watching the horror of his beautiful, white wife stripping the pants off, what was in his racist mind, Òthis old, fat nigger!!!Ó Both men could see the obvious flushing of Leasa EdwardsÕ white skin, and the flaring of her nostrils, as she stared lustfully at the drooling, uncut, black dick, bobbing its head just inches from her face. ÒSuck it, Leasa!Ó Sambo instructed the daughter of his one-time master. A long pause ensued. Then Leasa Edwards Beauragard gently grasped the 12Ó black dick in her dainty, pale hand, pointed it toward her full pink lips, leaned forward and kissed the drooling, gooey, sheathed head of it. ÒNoooo...god, noooo....!!!Ó Captain Beauragard whined. Leasa ignored him completely. As if in a trance, she remained focused on the black organ sheÕd brought her lips to...and as she withdrew them, a long viscous, string of precum formed a gooey rope from her lips to the dickÕs frothing nozzle. The blonde beauty immediately leaned forward again and stretched her mouth obscenely wide, engulfing the fat head of the black cock. Then she began bobbing her head up and down on the Negroid dick. It was a task she had never performed for her husband, and being new to it, Leasa made loud sucking and slurping noises. Sambo looked over to the traumatized Captain and gave him a broad grin: ÒYaÕ know, Johnny boy, if a man donÕt keep his woman with a secure roof over her head, well dressed...and well fed...another man will have to take care of those responsibilities foÕ him.Ó Sambo laughed after gesturing to LeasaÕs bobbing head when he mentioned the Ôwell fedÕ part of his lecture. The miserable white man just continued to lay helpless on the floor, being cuckolded right in front of his eyes by a sixty-year-old, fat ex-slave. Leasa worked her mouth furiously over the fat, black dick that Sambo was feeding her. Her dainty white hand was becoming accomplished at shucking the monstrous organ into her mouth on her upstrokes. Her other hand had begun to instinctively milk the stallion sized testes that Sambo had hanging between his legs. The poor, slavering southern belle could hardly palm the grotesque balls in her one tiny hand due to their swollen dimensions. So she began to use Interracial Pics

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Black Cock Blog Black Cock Blog my legs parted for her. How different it was to be kissed by a soft mouth as opposed to the tobacco-tasting and beard-stubbled mouth of a man. How wonderfully gentle and careful her fingers were as they wandered about within my crotch, petting and fondling, finger fucking me, then petting some more. My little cunt grew wetter in its response, and her lips moved slowly over my face, her fresh, clean breath puffing into my nostrils. I knew what she would do next. I knew what she would do next. I knew it! She moved down, her mouth grazing my skin, and my legs opened further in welcome, my knees lifting. Her hot breath panted into my crotch. I lay with my eyes closed as something warm, wet, and wonderful wandered this way and that over my cunt lips, up and down the crack, over to each side, back to the hold where it slipped Black Dick In My Wife Mandingo Site at the white man huddled around his feet. ÒNow APOLOGIZE!!!Ó the ex-slave ordered the Confederate Captain, who remained gasping and whimpering at his feet. In the stunned silence of the room, all that could be heard was the CaptainÕs moans and whimpers. Leasa stood looking on, unable to moveÑto hardly even breatheÑin a state of bewildered shock. ÒWell then,Ó Sambo said impatiently, as he leaned over and began to lift the CaptainÕs head by the scalp in order to continue administering the beating... ÒPlease,Ó a voice squeaked. The voice was not LeasaÕs. The voice was Captain BeauragardÕs: ÒPlease, donÕt...donÕt hit me anymore.Ó ÒApologize!Ó Sambo shouted in the CaptainÕs face. After a long pause, the Captain squeaked, ÒI...I...apologize...Ó ÒMaster Beaux!Ó Sambo demanded. ÒI...I apologize, Master Beaux,Ó the once proud Confederate repeated, as instructed. Leasa turned away from the ghastly scene to hide her tears. It would be difficult for her to ever look her husband in the eye again. ÒGet your scrawny, white ass off the floor, boy,Ó Sambo demanded. ÒB-b-but I canÕt. IÕm hurt...Ó the Captain begged, looking up into SamboÕs black face for mercy. None was to be found. ÒYou either get your useless, white ass up or IÕm takinÕ a belt to you in front of your lovely wife!Ó Sambo said, looking over to the beautiful young wife, whom he thought he noticed blushing slightly at his words. Slowly, Captain Beauragard lifted himself to his feet. Sambo shed himself of his coat and threw it onto the thread worn couch behind him. Leasa Edwards drew in her breath at the sight of the huge black man in his skin-tight, riding pants. SamboÕs enormous genitalia were clearly outlined between his legs, and they hung down nearly half a foot from his crotch. The Captain could see his young wifeÕs amazement as she stared at the BlackÕs crotch, seeming almost mesmerized by the awesome sight. The CaptainÕs shoulders slouched more as he saw his wifeÕs face and neck redden inÑwhat could only be explained asÑarousal. Sambo sat down into the coupleÕs only easy chair, his legs spread wide and his genitals hanging half off the front of the chair. He looked over the thoroughly beaten, white Confederate Captain slouching before him. ÒNow, where is this weekÕs rent?Ó the powerful, black man demanded. ÒWe only have half...Master Beaux,Ó Leasa chimed in, hoping to make it easier on her whipped and humiliated husband. ÒWell, that wonÕt do,Ó black Sambo replied curtly, ÒIt just wonÕt do.Ó ÒHow will you pay the interest if I allow you to pay up in full next week?Ó he asked. ÒHow can we...?Ó Leasa inquired of the commanding, black presence seated before herÑlooking like some sort of African king. ÒMaybe by entertaining me...Ó the Black smirked. Turning to the Captain, Sambo commanded: ÒDrop your pants, boy!Ó The Captain looked at him befuddled...in disbelief at what heÕd heard. ÒDid you hear me, boy? I said drop your trousersÑand do it now!Ó The Captain froze. He looked over at his wife, almost pleadingly. Leasa Edwards averted her eyes to the floor, ashamed and embarrassed for her impotentÑand now patheticÑhusband. ÒIf I have to get up, boy...I swear, I will beat you within an inch of your life, and then take you out in the street and use my belt to whip your white ass in front of all your neighbors. You want that? A whippinÕ by a black manÑgiven to a Confederate officerÑfor the whole community to see? The newspapers will probably print it up too. Hell boy, youÕll be famous.Ó Silent, tense moments passed slowly in the room. ÒOne...two...Ó Sambo began counting, his impatience and anger mounting audibly. Then it happened. Captain Beauragard slowly began to unbutton his pants. In a moment they were undone. He glanced over to his wife, Black Cock Society Interracial Videos point, my inhibitions, if there were any, were gone. I began to whisper to her, "I want you...give me that pussy!" As I slowly kissed my way down to her crotch, she seductively parted her legs, revealing her hot, wet mound of honey. I looked at it, staring at its surprising beauty. I licked her. Grazing her lips with my tongue. Her flowing juices were delicious, and the aroma made my entire body tingle. I began to taste her faster, licking and darting my tongue in her the same way she did me. She very gently held my head between her legs with her hands, making sure I had full access to her steamy, soggy cunt. I was using my fingers and hands now, opening her the way I would open myself, working her big, hard clit with my tongue. I sucked her love button and she went wild! "Yes! Fuck...suck my pussy!" I increased my Interracial Creampie Video and out of his wifeÕs pussy channel, growing whiter and stickier as his wifeÕs secretions facilitated the BlackÕs organ in the seeding of her womb. The Captain started frigging away at his stiff standing, four-inch penis. Leasa Edwards was now being ridden as nature intendedÑwith black Sambo in the saddle. LeasaÕs long, white legs stretched higher and higher, as they strained to open wide enough to provide all the access her aged, black lover required for his seeding of her. As the fucking bore on, LeasaÕs legs wrapped themselves around SamboÕs upper ass, pulling him into her. Her arms wrapped themselves about his neck, burying her face into his shoulder. ÒYes, oh yes...Ó she whimpered as the pleasure Sambo pounded into her brought her closer and closer to climax. ÒAugghhh...!!!Ó Sambo bellowed suddenly as he came volcanically into her womb. LeasaÕs legs locked around his flexing ass, hugging his loins to her as he came again and again, hosing her womb thoroughly with his African seed. Sambo could feel the young, blonde wifeÕs pussy clutching down, spasming on his big dick. He smiled to himself. He had dreamed of this moment all his life, never believing it would really happen. Now he lay atop Leasa Edwards, in her marital bed, seeding her with their future black child. After they were both spent, Sambo laid on top of Leasa Beauragard, sweating all over her, for many long, silent minutes. She was becoming accustomed to handling his girth and weight now...and she would remain accustomed to handling his girth and weightÑin just this wayÑfor the rest of her natural life. Leasa knew at this moment that Sambo had just impregnated her, and that she would now be his lover for life, as well as the mother of his children. As Sambo attempted to dismount her, Leasa held on to him tightly. He was hers; she didnÕt want to let him goÑeven for a moment. This massive, ugly black man had just given her more pleasure than she had ever experienced in her life. She knew she would want himÑeven, need himÑagain and again. Sambo finally broke free the lust stricken blondeÕs grasp and rose from the bed. He smirked down at the Captain slouched in the chair beside the bed. The ex-slave then pulled the Confederate flag out from under the CaptainÕs wife, observed the huge wet stains from both his and LeasaÕs sexual secretions, and, again, threw the flag into the CaptainÕs face. Captain Beauragard breathed deep the musk of his wifeÕs and the BlackÕs sexing. This time, rather than disgusting him, he found it deeply erotic. The Captain was ashamed to find his tiny pecker coming to life again. He tried to hide it with the flag... Sambo saw the CaptainÕs response to his wifeÕs being bred right in front of his eyes. Jonathan BeauragardÕs hands and lap were sticky with his own discharge...and his little pecker was standing stiff again at the scent of his wifeÕs conquest and seeding by the stronger, superior black man. ÒJohnny boy, why donÕt you button up and run along downstairs. WhatÕs happening in this room is foÕ adults only,Ó Sambo advised. At this admonishment, Captain Beauragard quickly pulled up his pants, fumbling with the buttons of his fly, and stumbled to the door. As he left, Leasa could see the disheveled, shell-shocked Confederate fleeing out the door...his fly mis-buttoned, with the buttons all out of sequence in his haste. Captain Beauragard was never to be seen again. Leasa Edwards realized now that it wasnÕt Sambo who was the clown. It was the man she married, and all he represented: his ridiculous ÔHonorÕ and obsolete ÔCauseÕ. The southern beauty lay on the bed, her thighs still spread wide, inviting her black lover to take more of herÑif he wanted. And let me know what you ÔwantÕ...please write me if youÕd like the story to continue.. leasa24@hotmail.com . Biracial Couples "Come on in." We watched some TV together, then made ready for bed. I showered, then the black girl took her turn in the shower. I had never seen a black person nude before, and when she came into the bedroom naked a little thrill ran through me. She was still moist from her bath, I saw. I wanted to stare at her, but I could not. Her titties were almost giant in size, pair of huge globes which sagged just enough to be intriguing, each with a big dark nipple. She had a surprisingly small waist, wide, soft-looking hips, and big satiny-looking thighs. She had enough pubic hair for three women, a great wide forest of thick, black fur nestled in the juncture of her big legs. I thrilled again when she crawled into bed, her plump, dimpled bottom smiling at me. I climbed in beside her and clicked out the light. Osa Lovely Cumbang her index finger, sticking it between the two huge orbs and jiggling them back and forth. As the two bloated balls jiggled about, they slapped against the young wifeÕs wedding ring, smearing it with the sweat of SamboÕs scrotum. Leasa loved the taste of the obese black manÕs cock. The thick, salty flavor of SamboÕs precum mixed with the deep male musk exuding from his crotch. It made the young, Caucasian wife ravenous for the black seed that was beginning to churn in the abnormally large African testes she milked with her wedding hand. Sambo began grunting as Leasa Edwards sucked furiously at his cock. Her blonde hair was now becoming undone as her head bobbed up and down with an ever-quickening pace. Loud smacking, sucking, and even snorting sounds were echoing throughout the room, as the once demure beauty became a hungry, cock-sucking whore for the old, black man who was now offering her his dick. The Captains jaw went slack and hung open, staring wide-eyed at the blonde slut that he was once proud to have called his wife. Leasa bobbed and sucked, and bobbed and sucked. SamboÕs precum and her own spittle covered her cock shucking hand as she choked away on the fat, juicy, slab of black meat. Finally, the inevitable happened. ÒAugghhhh...!!!Ó Sambo grunted loudly as he sprayed a thick volley of jism down LeasaÕs slender throat. She gagged and choked, then maintained her control and swallowed deeply. Immediately, another volley of thick African seed was spewing from the rotund BlackÕs pee slit that nuzzled up against the warm, wet, swirling tongue of Leasa Edwards. She was ready for this new load and swallowed it more easily. Then there was another and another...Leasa could feel the ex-slave holding each side of her head, keeping her in place to receive and swallow all of his viscous, African seed. After several long minutes of discharging himself into the kneeling blondeÕs mouth, the huge black man was spent. As Sambo let go of Leasa EdwardsÕ head, the blonde fell back onto the floor. Her mouth was thickly glossed with white, milky jizz. It oozed from her lips, and then slimed into a long, stringy cord of cum hanging off her chin. Both men stared at the blonde beauty whose face was now smeared with the dominant black manÕs cum. LeasaÕs chest was heaving up and down as she labored for breath. Then her tongue snaked out and licked the black manÕs baby making juice from her lips. She swallowed deeply, then closed her eyes savoring it. Leasa Edwards Beauragard would never be the same. Sambo arose from the large stuffed chair which now bore the cum stains of his and LeasaÕs oral sexing. He strode over to the Confederate flag that Captain Beauragard had worshipfully nailed to their living room wall. With one quick swipe of his hand, Sambo ripped the flag off the wall, and then used it to wipe the cum and spittle off his sticky black dick. When he was done cleaning himself, Sambo flung the flag of the Confederacy right into the CaptainÕs face. The Captain sat still on the floor, his countryÕs honored flag covering his face. He breathed in the thick aroma of black sex. His anger roseÑand then subsided...he was now a broken man. ÒCaptain, spread old ÔStars ÔnÕ BarsÕ on the bed,Ó Sambo directed. The Captain, with less reluctance than with the previous commands, slowly dragged himself up off the floor. He waddled over to the bed, his pants still shackling his ankles. Then, as ordered, the Confederate officer spread the rebel flag over the bed. Sambo sat his naked and sweaty, fat, black ass back down in the easy chair. ÒLeasa, stand up, girl.Ó Leasa Edwards did as ordered by her new master. ÒLeasa, undress for me,Ó Sambo instructed, casually. The once proud Mrs. Beauragard was now broken too. With much less hesitation than earlier, she began to unbutton her gown.
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