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Black Dick Blog Osa Lovely Cumbang Fred heard the running of water from a distance and decided to get up and see whom it was. As he gazed at the ceiling mirrors and admiring his limp 10-inch cock he looked over at the Black Knight's magnificent body, he gently kissed Corbin's cock head and jumped out of bed. Big mistake, his asshole was so sore he could hardly walk let along jump out of bed. He walked slowly out the bedroom and down the hallway, Fred peeked in on the other room and saw Alison and Tiffany buck naked lying in each other's arms sound asleep, he looked up at the mirrors on the ceiling and they looked even more beautiful, but Alex was nowhere to be found. He kept walking down the hallway when he came upon the bathroom door (which was wide open) and noticed that Alex was the one running the water. Fred decided to take a piss and see what Alex was up to: Fred - "Don't mind me buddy just taking a piss, what a fuck session your roommate and I had. My ass is so sore, I don't think I'll be able to sit down for a week, but it'll be worth it. How about you, were the ladies all that you hoped them to be and was it a fucking good time?" Alex - "Alison and Tiffany were all woman and then some, although the 12-inch dildo up the ass was a surprise but comforting. Tiffany is an excellent cocksucker and she loves to munch on those nuts. They are two tough bitches, anyone who can take an 11-inch stud cock without lubrication is either a true slut or a whore of professional talents." Fred - "I told the Black Knight that you would be in for a treat and a sexual encounter beyond belief. Those two bitches are an excellent tag team and I have yet to see any twosome beat them at their own games, but the two of you might give them a good run for their money." Alex - "The Black Knight's 15-inch cock and your impressive member will certainly give them a challenge and perhaps I can get my 11-inch cock in there somewhere, I loosened them up a little but I'm not sure it was enough. Tiffany just wanted to suck on my balls and chew on them with her teeth and Alison was just into the rough and hard sex, which isn't all bad, but my God, my cock is tired and a bit sore. Fred - "Well if you're sore maybe I need to give your cock some gentle loving and stroking." Fred proceeded to step into the shower with Alex and soaped up Alex's cock with his hands. Alex reciprocated the pleasure to Fred and the two of them stood under the cascading shower (which was on pulse and has two heads, one for the upper body and one for the torso). Fred stepped closer and gently kissed Alex on the lips and slithered his tongue into Alex's mouth. Alex's mouth fell open to Fred's advancement and sucked on Fred's tongue. The two of them continued to massage each other's soapy cocks and kissed passionately. The warm water and two headed shower turned their nipples into missiles and Fred lowered his mouth to Alex's nipples and sucked on each one of them with the gentle flickering of his teeth to enhance the pleasure. Their cocks were now at full mass and each was pleased with the others. Fred figured since Alison already fucked Alex's ass, another cock up his ass wouldn't matter, besides Fred would soap up his own cock, and gently fuck Alex under the water. Alex sensed what Fred was thinking and turned around and soaped up his asshole himself. Alex placed two of his own fingers up his ass and made sure that he was ready for another ass fucking. Alex - "Thanks for soaping up your cock for the entry, Alison should take some lessons from you on congeniality of a person's asshole. You look about 12 to 13-inches and I'm sure I can handle that with ease. I like it a little rough and to have my nipples pinched hard when I'm getting fucked, just a suggestion." Fred - That's what I like about a man who knows what he wants. Too often, I get a fag that jut lays there and makes me do all the work and guessing of what he wants. Personally, I like to have a smooth entry and with this water running over both our buff bodies, this should be both erotic Osa Lovely Cumbang truly special about them. So there I was thinking about this guy's BIG BLACK COCK and how LONG it possibly is! I asked questions but no response about this guy's trunk. All she really said was that he had a red jacket, with baggy bluejeans, runners and his location. So I went up looking for this guy feeling a little heat waves. I found him with ease and approached him and said hi my name is Emily, are you Travis. He jumped to his feet quickly and grinned saying OOOHH YA!!! YES!!, followed by a wow. I was kinda shocked a little due to his somewhat of a quick yell. He complemented me on my appearance I said thankyou and Slut Wives For Black Cock Black Dick Gagging - "Oh, you can add, you fucking bastards are so full of yourselves that you make me laugh at this stupid challenge. You think I've never been fucked by two studs before, I'll admit your 28-inches will be a record for me but there isn't a cock in the world that will work me over enough to make me pass out. You boys give it your best shot and we'll see who wakes up with cock in their mouth." The gallant had been cast down, the challenge was on, Alex, and Tiffany just watched as the other three went at each other balls to the walls. Fred had one of Alison's perky little tits in his mouth and he was using his teeth over the tip quite roughly. The Black Knight had his mouth on Alison's mouth and was sucking her tongue right out of her mouth, she couldn't believe the suction power he had and his tongue was wrapped around hers and pulling it into his mouth, she tried to resist, but he just pulled her straight across into his mouth and bit down on her tongue rough enough to get a yelp out of her. Alison thought she was not going to let these two fucking bastards get the best of her, she reached down under the water and grabbed both of their cocks and started to twist her hands roughly up and down on them. The two guys let go of their grasp on her and pulled back immediately. Alison just smiled and said: Alison - "You bastards have nothing over me, remember your cocks are a lot more sensitive than anything on me ever will be. I like it rough, dry, and hard, so if you think your teeth or sucking power are anything that I can't handle you have another think coming, literally." Fred and Corbin looked at each other and both of them thought the same thing; a little tag-team cunning ness should do the trick. Fred climbed out of the hot-tub with his ass towards Lake Michigan and hoisted Alison up on to the edge, and the Black Knight knelt in front of her pussy and used his experienced tongue and suction power and clamped down on her twat. They both thought that if she likes it rough, dry, and hard and then let's give her the exact opposite, smooth, wet, and soft. Fred then positioned himself on the ledge of the Jacuzzi and stuffed his cock in front of Alison's mouth, he pulled her hair, she opened her mouth, and down her throat, his cock went. Meanwhile, the Black Knight was sucking on her clit with his tongue and sticking a few fingers up her twat to make her as wet as possible. Alison went to grab the Black Knight's cock and he grabbed her hand and shoved it up her own asshole and kept that pace up until she started to hump her own hand with a rhythmic pace. Her other hand was being held by Alex and he had her Ôgently' stroking his cock and threatened her if she tried to twist his cock the Black Knight would bite down on her pussy until she cried ÔUncle.' Tiffany on the other hand had her mouth on Alison's tits and were sucking them and ripping them with her teeth. Alison began to start moaning a moan she didn't know she had. She was actually starting to get into this tag-team sex act. Alison - "Mmmp, Mmmp, you fuckers, you can't do this to me, I won't let you make me cum and have an orgasm. I can't have one, I've never had one and I won't have one now. I don't care what you think you can do, but I won't give you the chance of making me cum. All the other times I've faked it and there is no cock or pussy eater that can make me cum." Fred - "I thought you always seemed a little frigid, you bitch and now we know, we need you to cum and you will either cum on one or all of us, you bitch. Now suck on my cock and keep swallowing until I tell you to stop, take it all, take it all down your fucking throat and if you even think about using your teeth, I'll take you to an extreme of suffocation and maybe not let you catch your breath." Black Knight - "So, you've never had an orgasm for real, you think you're so tough and need to strap on a dildo and show how masculine you are and in such control. Well, I'm here to tell you, you cum sucking bitch, your cunt is going Rent Porn

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Black Cock Surprise Deep Throat Black Cock realized that it wasn't this massive foot long dick. I asked him about his size, he said that it is a little bit over 9". I didn't understand about all this hype from Nicole about this guy. She knows I had bigger black cocks before. Not that this guy has to be ashamed of a 9" it's just that she said that he has something incredible to see and taste. Now for the taste I'm guessing he has sweat cum or so but see not to sure at that moment. So I started to lick up and down his shaft, then stroking more and sucking more and finally deep throating his love toy. I asked him to remove or lower his pants. He told me that he's got Cuckold Wife Monet Divine Cumbang sway their bodies towards the Black Knight and his 10-inch limp cock began to grow and grow and grow. The bitches couldn't believe the size it stopped at and they both dropped to their knees and fought over the Black Python. Alex and Fred finally realized the show that they had been putting on and finished up their business. Alex finished swallowing Fred's cum and they both stood and washed each other up and toweled each other off. Alex did what he usually does after a shower and put body lotion all over him. Fred was shocked to see this and put out his hand to give Alex help, he got Alex's back side, paid special attention to Alex's cock and asshole, and actually put a little extra on in those areas. Alex, being appreciative of Fred's gesture started to lotion up Fred's body and rubbed Fred all over and had him spread eagle to make sure he got all the important areas and made sure they would be soft for future use. Alison and Tiffany lead the Black Knight by his cock out to the Jacuzzi on the deck and had him crank it up. The Black Knight then led the two cock sucking sluts back to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and got his protein drink out. He asked the two bitches if there was something they wanted to eat besides his massive organ. Alison - "I'd take some yogurt and a banana and show you what I'm going to do with that cock of yours when you're done regenerating yourself with that protein drink." Tiffany - I'd like a yogurt too and some grapes to dunk with and show you how I can peel a grape's skin off with just my tongue and four front teeth." The Black Knight just smiled and mixed enough protein drink for the three guys and got the ladies their yogurt and fruit. Alex and Fred came out of the bathroom smelling great and looking exceptionally refreshed. The Black Knight handed them their protein drinks, glanced at the girls, and mentioned what they were going to do to their fruit and to his cock and balls. Of course, both Fred and Alex had already witnessed and experienced the girl's talents but they both smiled at each other and gave each other's cock a gentle squeeze. The Black Knight got a funny look on his face and went to the refrigerator again and got another yogurt out, only he didn't get a spoon or any fruit to go with it, instead he opened the container and took his cock and stirred the contents with it and made sure the fruit was well mixed and walked over to the two girls. Black Knight - "Oh ladies, here's some yogurt you missed." The Black Knight stood there with yogurt dripping off his limp cock and running down to his oversized balls and down his leg. Well, Alison and Tiffany wasted no time at all in making sure the yogurt didn't hit the floor or go to waste. Being done with their own yogurts and fruits they devoured the Black Knights cock and balls. Alison opened her sucking mouth and clamped on to the Black Knights cock for all that she was worth. Tiffany knelt in front of his asshole and took her tongue and licked his asshole and then proceeded down to his balls and licked the entire yogurt off. After the yogurt was gone, the Black Knight pulled his cock and balls away from the sluts and dipped his cock and balls into the container again, and again, and again. The girls got their fill of yogurt but not the Black Knight's cock or balls. Alison - "How about we move this love triangle into the Jacuzzi, I see Fred and Alex are already in there and they look lonely." Tiffany - "Yeah, my knees are a little sore and I would rather have some wrinkled toes and knees and some fucking cocks up my pussy and asshole, let's go." Black Knight - "To the Jacuzzi and don't spare the pussy and assholes." The three of them joined Fred and Alex on the deck and positioned themselves accordingly so that everyone was with someone of the opposite sex; it went Alex to Tiffany, Tiffany to Fred, Fred to Alison, and Alison to Corbin a.k.a. Black Knight, now that's what I call a "Club Sandwich." With the Jacuzzi, being able to seat six they all had a little Tori Black Blacks On Blondes Cuckold 2 stroked harder and sucked harder till I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat. It felt like he was shotting for distances, the force of his cum bouncing off the back of my throat was incredible. I started to swallow as fast as possible as he just kept on cumming. I continued to stroke his cock with long hard strokes, milking him for everything he had. Cum was now leaking out through the corners of my mouth. It felt like a gallon of cum and yet he was still spraying my mouth. Talk about a true painter. I coated my mouth and belly with his big balls. I finally was able to pull his dick out of my mouth and began sipping his pee hole Multiracial Websites their cocks and were getting ready to spew a load and a half of cum down her throat, she was about ready to take 24-inches worth of cum and neither one of them were about to pull out. Their cock heads were in her mouth and her lips were stretched to the limit. Alex and Fred were stroking their cocks and of course, Tiffany was sucking both of their sacks and was having a ball luncheon. The Black Knight was resting and letting Alison get adjusted to his massive cock in virgin territory and boy was she tight, her asshole was gripping his cock so hard he had a hard time pulling back out, but after a few baby strokes, he managed to pull his cock all the way out except for the head and he was getting ready to slam back down when Alison tried to turn her head and say something but couldn't, Alex's and Fred's cocks were in the way. Black Knight - "Well you prissy bitch, no cock or pussy eater can make you cum and that Ôthe arrogant fucking bastards will never get me to cum. Hmm, I think we made you cum and I've got the dry cum on my pubic hair to prove it, so don't try telling me you were Ôfaking it' bitch. You were cumming like a bitch in heat, and we all witnessed your massive orgasms." Alison - "Mmmp, Mmmp, you're right, I love your black fucking cock and I want to have orgasms like that all the time, I'm yours whenever you want me and you can have any hole on my body you want. I need only cocks that are 15-inches and a girth of more than 2-inches. I'm addicted to black cock and need the jungle fever all the time." Alex and Fred came in Alison's mouth and she just couldn't take all of their cum at once, but the mixture of the two was unbelievable, it was so sweet and tasty it was like eating white chocolate. Of course, Tiffany helps clean-up the cum that was over flowing and cleaned off their balls and cocks once pulled from Alison's mouth. The Black Knight got his rhythm down and Alison started to push back to take more of this Knight's black sword. The Black Knight got into his groove and Alison started rocking back and forth and couldn't get enough of his Black Python. Alison's moans became more obscenely loud and vulgar and the rest of the clan were cheering her own: Alison - "Yes, yes, yes, you black fucking bastard, give me that cock up my ass and give it to me until you pass out, I can ride this fucking black stud until the cows come home, I want your cock ramming home and packing that fudge until it's in a tiny square and I shit fudge squares for a week. Come on you Black Knight and fuck like the knights did back in the medieval times, ruthless and barbaric. Give me that fuck log and let's make some kindling out of that log." Black Knight - "You are one bitch in heat and this log is going to rip you another asshole and oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming in your ass and I'm cumming in buckets, oh baby here comes the cum and it's flowing like a river." Alison and Corbin fucked like rabbits, the Black Knight ended up watching his cum drip out of her asshole, and Tiffany and Fred were there to lick up the overflow. The Black Knight kept pumping his cock in and out of Alison's ass and she kept backing into him. The cum finally stopped and Alison had a couple more orgasms that made her head spin. The five of them crawled out of the hot-tub and got modestly dressed. The three co-eds said good-bye and told their new landlords that they would take the place and paid them a bonus for showing them the full amenities of the condo. The Black Knight and Asian Prince packed their bags and headed for Tampa Bay, Florida to start their new construction site, but they both looked forward to coming back to Chicago and taking over their condo in the windy city. Their condo will never be the same and they hope to have at least one more encounter with the kids before they graduate and move on to their own careers. Stay tuned for the next episode of The Black Knight and the Asian Prince when they run into a Real Estate Agent and her apprentice when buying their new condo in Florida. Inter Racial Sex truly special about them. So there I was thinking about this guy's BIG BLACK COCK and how LONG it possibly is! I asked questions but no response about this guy's trunk. All she really said was that he had a red jacket, with baggy bluejeans, runners and his location. So I went up looking for this guy feeling a little heat waves. I found him with ease and approached him and said hi my name is Emily, are you Travis. He jumped to his feet quickly and grinned saying OOOHH YA!!! YES!!, followed by a wow. I was kinda shocked a little due to his somewhat of a quick yell. He complemented me on my appearance I said thankyou and Osa Lovely Cumbang to let a river of cum come flowing down your tubes into everyone's mouth." Tiffany - "All these years we've been together and you've been faking it, you bitch, I can't believe it, you have been fucking me with that damn dildo and making me cum all over you and you have been faking it, I ought to slap the shit out of you, or better yet, make you cum down my throat." Alex - "I want this bitch to cum, and cum, and cum some more and when she thinks she's had enough, she going to cum again. Fuck me with a plastic cock rough and hard, I'll make you cum until you cry ÔUncle' because you can't take it any more." The four of them all had something to gain by making Alison cum and they were not going to stop until she did. Fred grabbed the back of her head and started to increase the pace of her sucking and she had a hard time concentrating on his cock with a pussy eater at her twat. The Black Knight stuck his tongue in her pussy, grabbed hold of her clit, and started sucking it until it was engorged like a small cock wanting to explode. Alison started to hump her pussy towards the Black Knight's tongue and again she couldn't concentrate on his tongue because Tiffany was ripping her teeth across her tits and areoles with vigor. Alex had Alison's hand wrapped around his cock and was increasing the pace of his jack-off. Alex started to moan and could feel himself getting to cum. Tiffany sensed this and quickly went deep-sea diving for cum. However, Tiffany didn't leave Alison's tits alone, she reached up with her hands and started to pinch and squeeze Alison's tits with vengeance. Alex pushed Tiffany's hands away and put his mouth on her tits and sucked and bit away, Alison's tits looked like they had done battle with a baseball bat and lost, they were bruised, red, and battered. The Black Knight could tell that Alison was starting to get into this pussy eating and her clit was going spastic in her twat and she tried to squirm away but Fred held her still and kept feeding her his 13-inches. She was sucking his cock and started to feel his head swelling in her throat, Fred pulled his cock back far enough to just leave the head in her mouth and he started to stroke his cock in cum down her throat, she tried again to pull back but Alex grabbed on to her and held her still. Fred was cumming down her throat and she was swallowing as fast as she could. The Black Knight could tell she was starting to squirm and fig it and her moans was being silenced by Fred's cum going down her throat. Her breathing was quickened and her pulse was racing. Tiffany finally came up from sucking Alex's cock and went back to sucking on Alison's tits. The Black Knight had her where he wanted her and waited until Fred was done cumming down her throat. When Fred was done and he stepped off the ledge, he pushed Tiffany and Alex away from Alison and flipped her over and had her laying across the edge of the Jacuzzi and put his cock's head at her cunt opening and did what only the Black Knight can do, rammed that 15-inch cock all the way up her twat with one giant plunge. Alison saw stars and stripes and came like a whore in heat, wave after wave after wave. She collapsed over the edge and tried to catch her breath; once she had, she let out a scream of passion that was heard throughout the neighborhood. Again, windows shut and windows opened, Alex and Corbin knew that the telescopes were zooming in on this party. Alison - "Oh my God, that was incredible, you fucking cock is buried so far up my pussy I think I can feel it in my guts, fuck me you big black stud, fuck me with that rod of black steel and don't spare the rod. I want that fucking cock up my pussy and then up my asshole and then back up my pussy, I need a fucking like nobody's business, fuck me you black bastard, fuck me." The Black Knight had no trouble obeying these instructions. He fucked her, fucked her, and fucked her again. He felt his cum traveling up his cock and knew he only had a few more rammings left before he came up her pussy.
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